How to Change PIN Code on Phone

The Sberbank Security Service recommends changing the password from the online service of the bank every few months. This is due to the fact that this way it will be protected much better. Some users may want to change their access code for other reasons. But, whatever the motive, in order to establish new access conditions, you need to know how to change the password in Sberbank online. over, now it can be done with virtually no problems and loss of time.

How to change password

There are several ways to change the access code to your personal account. And each bank card holder must decide for himself how to change the information necessary to enter the online application. To do this, choose between:

  • using self-service terminals;
  • making the necessary operations in your account;
  • re-registration;
  • in addition, you can change the access code by sending an SMS with the request “PASSWORD” to the number 900 from the phone attached to the card.

In extreme cases, you can contact support. Contact center staff will certainly understand the problem and help you achieve the desired result.

Getting passwords at an ATM

How to Change PIN Code on Phone

The simplest answer to the question of how to change the login for the personal account of Sberbank is the use of an ATM. For this, only a card and time are needed.

To get new data, you just need to insert the card into the ATM, enter the pin code and go to the choice of services. Among these options, you must select the item that mentions passwords or online services, after which you just follow the instructions.

The main disadvantage of this method is the impossibility of independent selection of code words. Everything you need will be done automatically, without taking into account the desires and preferences of the user.

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Change ID in your account

The next option on how to change a boring login and choose a more secure password is a personal account. This approach is good because users can independently decide which words and combinations of characters to use.

To achieve this goal should:

  • Log in to your account
  • go to the settings page;
  • dwell on the section “security and access”;
  • select any of the necessary items;
  • confirm the operation by entering the received password.

For those who do not know how to change the password for Sberbank online to their own, but cannot use the specified method, it is worth going through the registration procedure a second time. You can do this on the official website of the bank, while the user only needs access to the Internet and a bank card.

How to change password in Sberbank online in a mobile application

Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the password to enter the mobile application. This situation also does not require unrest and great effort.

It is necessary to make a few simple steps, after which it remains just to use and enjoy the necessary result. The main feature of replacing the identifier on the phone is that this procedure completely coincides with the registration process and is practically it. That is, changing the code words to new ones, it will be impossible to use the old ones.

To replace the login on mobile, you must do the following:

  • open the Sberbank application;
  • without going to your personal page, go to settings;
  • among the proposed actions, select the “change user” item;
  • re-register with a new nickname and access code.

This will change the user, and at the same time the identifier, you can safely start using the application.

Change login or password Sberbank online

Changing the identifier of Sberbank applications is closely related to ensuring the security of personal data. Each user, if he is worried about the safety of his money, should from time to time pay attention to this. over, this task is not anything complicated (here it is described in more detail).

Now, in 2020, just go to the settings of your personal account and replace all the necessary data with new ones. If this approach turned out to be inaccessible or inconvenient, you can go to the nearest terminal and perform the necessary actions in it.

In an extreme case, Sberbank customers can contact support. Contact center employees cannot change the password, but they must explain in detail how to do this.