How to Change Phone Number In Taximeter

The Taximeter software allows you to organize a communication communication channel for drivers, passengers and employees of the Yandex Taxi information service. This application is necessary for organizing the workflow. It performs the following functions:

  1. is the driver’s personal account, in which he indicates his data, makes changes in connection with the replacement of documents or a vehicle;
  2. allows you to accept and serve applications;
  3. plays the role of a modern navigator, capable of laying the most accurate routes;
  4. collects, stores and provides data on all financial transactions (receipt of money, withdrawal of commission and deposit of tax fees, transfers to a current account or bank card);
  5. reminds of the approaching photocontrol and helps to carry out this operation;
  6. provides an opportunity to quickly contact technical support at any time of the day.

Connect or update software

For the first time, you can connect the Yandex Taxi Taxi at the time of registration on the aggregator’s website. After entering your contact information, you need to go to Google Play and download the software on your phone there.

How to Change Phone Number In Taximeter

The main technical parameters of the application:

  • current software version. dated November 29, 2018;
  • the necessary space on the memory card to download the application. 43M;
  • current version 8.73;
  • required operating system Android 4.1 and higher.

After downloading and unpacking the software, you need to activate the application and enter its interface with your username and password. They are set during registration. On the login page, two buttons are displayed: “enter” and “become a driver”. If registration was carried out earlier, then you need to click on the "enter" button. If the taxi driver is not yet registered in the service, then you need to click on the "become a driver" button.

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If the taxi driver is already registered in Yandex Taxi and enters the Taximeter under his login, then he needs to choose the country where he will work and indicate his phone number. Enter the code in the field that will be sent as an SMS to the specified number. After that, a taxi fleet is selected from the drop-down list and photo control is held. These actions are enough to activate the program and start work.

If registration has not been completed previously, then the driver needs:

  • go through the registration procedure by clicking on the "become a driver" button;
  • choose the country to work and activate the software using the code sent to the phone number;
  • select the “own car” or “rental” tab
  • when you go to the "your car" tab, fill out information about it (license plate number, year of manufacture, make and model, STS number, CTP insurance policy number;
  • then go to the “about you” tab in the questionnaire and fill in all the columns (full name of the driver’s license, his number and series, when issued, by what time is valid);
  • save data and get the contacts of the taxi fleet, which you can contact to rent a car;
  • Get advice on obtaining a taxi license for your vehicle;
  • Obtain a license or rental car with a ready-made work permit;
  • go through the photocontrol, set the status in the Taximeter “free” and start servicing applications.

You can update Yandex Taxi Taxi in the program interface. It is currently possible to download the Beta Taximeter for testing. It is not recommended to remove the standard active application, since the Beta version may cause periodic crashes in its work.

Look in the table the basic requirements for mobile devices and a list of current models for the correct operation of the Taximeter:

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