How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

In what situations is it necessary to know the password

Suppose you or someone in your family bought a new phone or tablet. Naturally, there will be a need to connect the device to your home wi-fi. Thanks to automatic storage, most users do not remember the password, because you do not need to enter it every time.

Also, you often have to give a wifi password to your friends. A great option if it is stored somewhere on your computer or on a separate piece of paper. If there is no backup, then users have the opportunity to find out the combination from WI-FI on Android.

Using the standard features of the gadget

The easiest way to find out the password from WI-FI is to look at it in the properties of the access point on android. As a rule, most smartphones allow you to see the current password in the wireless settings. To do this, follow these steps:

    Go to the list of wireless networks. Activate your home WIFI on android.

How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

Switch to modem mode. Open the WI-FI access point.

Select the line “Configure WI-FI access point”.

You will see a password field, but it is hidden by dots. To display the line, click on the eye icon at the end.

How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

After that, you can find out the desired combination, and then save it to your computer or write it in a notebook. This method is not relevant for all devices.

One of the methods to find out the password from wi-fi is to inspect the settings of the router. This is where you can find the necessary combination. You can get into the modem settings even through the phone using a regular browser. To do this, follow the steps in the following instructions:

  1. Connect to your home wireless network.
  2. Go to any browser (you can use either standard or any other).
  3. In the address bar, enter the following combination "". This is the IP address of your router.
  4. You will be taken to the login page with the modem settings. You must enter your login and password. If before that they did not change, then use the standard admin, admin.

How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone
  • In the settings of the router, select the item “Wireless (network)” and the submenu “Wireless protection”
  • The password for the network will be written in the window that opens.
  • How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    Here you can change the security level and the password itself. However, this method is relevant if you have not changed the input data for the router. Otherwise, you can’t get into the settings.

      Launch the app. In the root folder of the smartphone, find the directory called data.

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    Find the “misc” folder. Go into it.

    Select the WIFI directory, and then locate the wpa_supplicant.conf file in it.

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    Open it with RB Text Editor.

    In the window that opens, you will see a list of networks. Find the name of the network you are looking for (ssid) and password (psk).

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

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    You can perform similar actions using the popular ES Explorer application. To do this, it will be enough just to go to the necessary directories, and then view the file with passwords.

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    WIFI Password (ROOT) also requires superuser privileges.

    Get your Android password using your computer

    If the phone’s settings turned out to be useless in this matter, and you don’t want to get root rights, you can use the special utility for the WirelessKeyView personal computer. The program is distributed absolutely free. There are versions for both Windows x86 and x64. The application is presented as a single executable file, so you do not have to install anything.

    The user needs to run the program as administrator on the computer to which the Wi-fi router is connected. After that, a list of wireless networks will be presented. You can find out the password from the Key field. There is a value both in the hexadecimal number system and in the form of a regular string.

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    Now you know several effective ways to get the password from your WI-FI network.

    Wi-Fi in our time is in almost every home. However, do not forget that if the system is poorly protected, attackers will be able to use your personal information. In order to prevent this from happening, take care of the security of the router, regularly change the password. In this article, we’ll look at how you can change your Wi-Fi password yourself.

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    In the beginning, let’s take a little look at what a network password should be, so that unscrupulous people can’t crack it. Network password, if considered from a security point of view:

    • should be like minimum of 8 characters;
    • best of all when the security key is made from uppercase and lowercase letters, and also includes signs, symbols and numbers.
    • never use your name or date of birth, a simple sequence of numbers as the network password.

    If you yourself can not come up with a password, then resort to the help of a special generator. Finding it is not difficult on the Internet, through a search engine. You will be offered a choice of many generators. Choose any. After choosing a password, remember it, and better write it down, for example, in a notebook.

    Now you know a little how to make a password. Let’s take a closer look at where you can check the current password and change it to the new security key of your browser.

    We need to get into the settings of the router. This can be done through a web browser. To do this, enter the following digits of the IP address in the address browser line: or Also, the IP address can be found on the back of the device from below, here you can also find the username and password. If there is no information on the router, you can find it in the instructions that came with the modem.

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    There are situations when the user has already changed the password, but forgot it. In this case, you will need to reset the settings of the changed router to the original ones. To do this, press the RESET button and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. After holding, the settings will be reset. The modem will restore the factory settings.

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    If for any reason you could not find any of the above IP addresses, then go to the "Start Windows" menu. Here, at the very bottom, there is the line “find programs and files”. Enter “cmd” in this line and press the “Enter” button on the keyboard. Your command line will open. You must enter "ipconfig" into it. We find the line “Main gateway”. this will be the address of the router we need.

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    If you still have questions. watch the video tutorial below:

    Password change on popular routers

    Next, we will focus on changing the password for the wireless network in the most common routers.

    Change Wi-Fi password on D-Link routers

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    One of the most common Wi-Fi routers is Link. You can find a huge number of D-Link models, among them such as the D-Link DIR-300 NRU and D-Link DIR-615, D-Link DIR-320 and D-Link DIR-620 and many others.

    And so, we had a need to change our old password to a new one. To do this, we type in the address browser line IP address and on the keyboard press the "Enter" button. A window will open where you will need to enter a login and password to enter. If you have not previously changed them, then the standard password and username is “admin”. If you still changed it before, you need to enter your own version.

    Appearance may vary depending on the firmware version. Once on a new page, go to me Wi-Fi. Wireless Setup. Next, go to Manual Wireless Connection Setup. Security Settings. Find the line Network Authentication and here we are looking WPA2-PSK. Found, on the contrary there will be a line PSK Encryption Key and enter the Wi-Fi password there. Choose AES, which is located in the encryption settings, and then click "Change." Password changed successfully.

    You have an ADSL router with D-Link, the following models: D-Link 2600U or D-Link 2650U, D-Link 2640U. To change the factory password to your own here, you will need to enter the following combination of numbers in the address browser line: Next, go to the Wi-Fi tab and go to Wireless. Security (Security Settings).

    Next step, find the line Network Authentication or Network Authentication and choose WPA2-PSK. Opposite the line WPA Pre-Shared Key (encryption key) we enter the password from Wi-Fi. In the list WPA encryption we find AESand select it. And finally, save the changes.

    Change Wi-Fi password on TP-Link routers

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    Now let’s look at the TP-Link Wi-Fi system and how to change the router password in it, for example, in the TP-Link WR340GD or TP-Link WR-741ND, TP-Link WR-740ND or TP-Link WR-841ND and others. Similarly, as in the above option, in the browser line we dial the numbers: Press "ENTER". A window will open in front of us where you need to enter a login and password to enter the system. The standard, factory login and password are the same. “admin”, if you changed it before, then enter your own.

    Next, depending on our router model, go to the menu Wireless or Wireless Network. Then go to the section Wireless Security or Wireless Security. Once on this page, mark the section WPA / WPA2. Personal (Recommended). Here we find the line PSK Password, where we enter the new Wi-Fi password. To save the changed settings, press the button "Save".

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    Consider another way to change the password byfly.

    Push button "Start", select the control panel and there we find the network and the Internet. After that, look for the Network and Sharing Center tab and click on it. In the opened new window, on the left side of the screen we find Wireless Network Management and click on it with the left mouse button. Then we select the necessary network, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Ctroops ". You will see the settings window for this network. Go to the tab "Security"and find the password from our byfly. After that, enter the network key here, it is specified in the router settings. It is done.

    Change Wi-Fi password on Rostelecom

    How to Change Password on a Router Via Phone

    And lastly, we’ll look at how you can change the current password to a new one on Rostelecom universal routers on your own and without unnecessary difficulties.

    The IP address of the router, as in D-Link, the factory password and login, are also similar to D-Link in Rostelecom. In the browser line, enter the above numbers and presses the "ENTER" button. Go to the WLAN security menu. On this page we find a field called WPA / WAPI passwordand enter the new Wi-Fi password here. After that, click the Apply / Save button.

    Do not forget that after changing the key of your router, you must reconnect to your wireless Wi-Fi network.

    Now you know how to independently and without unnecessary efforts change the password to your system and protect yourself from hacking by unscrupulous citizens, protect your personal data from unauthorized persons.

    It turns out. as always. everything ingenious is very simple.

    Thanks for the help and for the instruction.

    The article helped, thanks to the author, saved 500 rubles on the service of setting up a WiFi router from my operator.

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