How to Change Password on a Gopro Session

Even in such a "baby" like Session, there is a Wi-Fi module that helps you set up video transmission, as well as completely subordinate it to your smartphone or tablet.

But how to configure this "thing"? The answer is in our lesson.

The first thing to do:

  1. Charge your GoPro action camera
  2. Download the free GoPro APP application in your application market (it is free and always the first on the list)
  3. "Make friends" finally your GoPro action camera with your gadgets: control your camera, view the footage, change the settings

Now go to the settings:

1.) Hold the bottom settings button for 2 to 5 seconds.

2.) We are waiting for the inscription "Settings".

3.) Use the lower button to scroll through the settings to the point "Select and Control APP" and press the top confirmation button.

4.) After pressing the top key, the camera goes into phone search mode for 3 minutes and we go to the settings on the smartphone.

5.) A special code will also be displayed on the camera displays, which will need to be entered into the phone at one of the last stages of the connection.

The active search for a smartphone is also indicated by the LEDs on the action camera itself. they blink blue.

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7.) After installing the application, we do not open it, but go to the phone settings, namely, to the Wi-Fi item. We activate it and find the device in the form of a GP. (hereinafter random number set).

8.) Click connect and enter the standard factory password "goprohero". there is a connection.

How to Change Password on a Gopro Session

Video: How to Change Password on a Gopro Session

9.) And go to the Bluetooth settings item. just turn it on, but do not connect to anything specific.

10.) Now open the downloaded application and select the item "Connect your camera".

11.) In the new tab, select "Add new device".

12.) After that, select your GoPro action camera model and click on it.

13.) Then we confirm that we are performing the initial setup.

14.) We skip the training course (we have already done all this) and press the button "Continue" to continue.

15.) After that, we get the pin code input window. it is displayed on the displays of our camera. Enter it and press the confirmation button.

16.) On the next tab, we definitely need to set our name for the camera and password for connection. Name must be in English, e.g. "Goproaleks", and the password must contain at least 8 characters, for example "12345678". After entering the data, click on the confirmation button.

17.) If all the data is entered correctly, then you will go to the next tab, in which the data you entered will be displayed, as well as instructions for rebooting the Wi-Fi module in the phone.

18.) Close the application and again go to the Wi-Fi item on the phone. In it we need to turn off and turn on Wi-Fi. After restarting, your camera should appear in the list of available devices, but under the name that you gave it a minute ago.

How to Change Password on a Gopro Session

19.) Select our camera and enter the password that we set.

20.) Turn off the Bluetooth module on the way back and go back to our application. Select the top camera control point and click on our model.

21.) After that, you should get into the camera control window, where you can: see what it takes, change modes, start and end recording, take a photo, change settings, and also view and edit already captured material.

22.) Done. And if you want to turn off Wi-Fi on the camera (we remind you that it works by itself, regardless of whether the camera itself is turned on or not), then go to "Select and Control Turn Wi-Fi OFF" and click on the top confirmation button.

Also, about the Wi-Fi settings, you can find out from our video and we remind you that the factory password for Wi-Fi connection with GoPro: "goprohero".

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