How to Change Language On Samsung Galaxy

For example, take the change in the language of the shell of the smartphone from English to Russian, although this also applies to any other languages ​​(in this case, you should focus on the icons located to the left of the menu items, if they are present).

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How to change samsung keyboard language

Instruction manual

Open the Samsung settings, go to the “General managemenet” category (next to it there will be an icon for the settings sliders) and there we click on the “Language and input” section.

How to Change Language On Samsung Galaxy

Next, select the “Language” item and click on the “Add language” button.

We search for the necessary language (in our case, Russian) and select the region to which the language belongs.

After clicking on the region, set the selected language as the default language by clicking on the “Set as default” button and the shell of the mobile device will be translated into Russian (or another language you have chosen).

After that, the previous language can be deleted from the list of installed ones or left active.

In the event that some application downloaded from the “Play Store” does not have localization of the main language, it will check for the languages ​​located below the list or will be displayed in the default language set by the developer.

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Hello! Today I will show you how to change the language on the Samsung Galaxy of any model. You can very easily and quickly transfer your samsung galaxy phone to Russian, English, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, etc. See the instructions below and write comments if you do not understand something. Go!

On the main screen of your smartphone, find the Settings icon and click on it.

In the settings, click on the General Settings tab.

Next, click on the Language and Input tab.

At the top of the page, you will see the default language on your device. Click on it.

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Next, you need to click on the Add language tab.

Select the language you need from the list and click on it.

Note, You will be asked to select the country where this language is used. For example, for English, you can select the country Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, etc. Click on the option that suits you.

In the window that opens, you can make the selected language as standard, that is, the main one.

Note, the main language will be displayed at the top of the list. You can use the mouse to drag any language to the very top to make it the main one.

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Not always the user gets a smartphone with the selected Russian interface. When turned on, you can see both English characters and Chinese characters. Of course, through the settings you can change this situation, provided that Russian is generally in the gadget’s library. Let’s find out: how to change the language on the Samsung phone, what are the ways for this, what kind of problems can arise.

How to change the language on a Samsung phone

Before you start working with your smartphone, you need to set priority input systems. In our country, more often used: Latin and Cyrillic. In the process of entering text, the user will switch between them as necessary. By default, the test will be entered on characters set as system characters.

To select the necessary types of layouts:

  • go to "Settings". "Keyboard". "Settings";
  • Find an item offering to select an input alphabet;
  • check the box next to all the necessary character sets.
  • save marked changes in system settings.

After the changes take effect, in the messengers and other applications in the input field all the selected characters will be available. Of course, they cannot be used at the same time. You have to switch between the available alphabets.

Algorithm for changing the interface on Android:

  • enter the “Settings” on the main screen;
  • go to the "General managemen";
  • in the drop-down point, tap “Language and input”. “Language”;
  • select the "" button, which allows you to add Russian and other alphabets;
  • then you will need to highlight the region of origin. “Russia”;
  • tap “Set as default” (default setting).

Setup ends with saving changes. If the alphabet is already in the initial list, then you need to make this choice a priority. You need to tap on it and, holding, stretch to the first position in the list. Save settings.

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How to change the keyboard (layout) from Russian to English and vice versa

To enter textual data, the user may need not only the Russian alphabet, but also English. It is on it that Internet addresses are entered, some characters and other data are needed. The ways to change the language on Samsung will depend on the installed on-screen keyboard and the version of the Android OS:

  1. At the bottom of the on-screen keyboard (lower left corner) there is an icon made in the shape of a globe. A single click on it switches the alphabet. To return to the usual input, tap on the icon again.
  2. Using the space bar. To change the layout. swipe left or right on the spacebar. Such a movement will lead to a change of the input characters to English or the appearance of a menu in which you need to select the desired item. In addition, in this paragraph, it becomes possible to select various options for the virtual keyboard: from standard to advanced (with a set of special characters).

Smartphone firmware update field The usual change method may become unavailable. In this case, you must use the second method. One of them is always suitable. Reverse switching is performed using the same algorithm.


How to change the language on the phone and keyboard? How to change the keyboard? Can I connect to an external keyboard? How to set up virtual? How to change the pointer speed on a phone / tablet? Read the answers to these and other questions in my article.

All settings are relevant for Samsung devices, but are suitable for other manufacturers.

Let’s go to Settings > General settings > Language and input.

Language settings

By default, the language you specified when you first turned on the new smartphone is selected. I have this Russian language, the region of Russia.

Additionally, you can add several more languages. This will allow the application to use the next language in the list if your native language is not supported.

To add a language, click on “Add language”. In total, more than 100 options are available, including Arabic.

To set the default language, simply move it to the first position in the list.

To delete a language: long press, select and delete.

Default keyboard

Samsung keyboard is selected by default. Or another, depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone. As a rule, the keyboard in the firmware is installed alone, but alternative ones can be installed. Google “keyboards for Android phone” on the network.

Virtual keyboard

This is the keyboard that you use when typing on your phone. Alternatively, you can use Google voice input if you have difficulty or are reluctant to type. Russian language is supported and perfectly recognized. To add / remove another keyboard, click on “Keyboard Management”.

Samsung keyboard

If you select this keyboard, the available settings will open. Let’s consider them in detail:

  • Languages ​​and Types. These are the available input languages, usually Russian and English. There are 2 types of keyboard available: standard “Qwerty” and “3×4”.
  • T9 mode. The intelligent mode, which finishes words and phrases, changes them for some reason (auto-replace function). You can create your own shortcuts for frequently used phrases. just enter a shortcut that will be displayed in the form of the proposed text. For example, you can configure so that each time you enter the word “address” the text “Moscow, st. Tveritina d.5 kv. 98 ". Personally, I do not use T9 mode for two reasons: 1) when using slang, it often changes words; 2) you need to constantly check what you wrote, otherwise T9 can completely distort the phrase.
  • SpellCheck. Spelling errors will be underlined in red, options for the "correct" spelling will be offered. AutoCheck only works for those languages ​​that are used on the keyboard.
  • Automatic capitalization. The beginning of each sentence begins with a capital letter. A rule does not always work with proper names (full name, brand name, company name, technology and abbreviations).
  • Spaces automatically. Automatically inserts a space after adding a word using the function of continuous typing and “prediction” of future text.
  • Automatic punctuation. Press the spacebar twice to enter a space with a space.
  • Keyboard swipe control. Cool feature, but few people use it. You simply swipe from one letter to another, and T9 writes whole phrases and sentences for you. As an alternative, you can use the cursor: move your finger around the letters, and to select the text, tap the Shift key and drag your finger (does not work everywhere).
  • Keyboard size and layout. Sets the size of the display, showing or hiding the number keys and alternative characters, as well as setting special characters.
  • Numeric keys.
  • Other characters.
  • Special characters. can be changed.
  • The size of the keyboard. To adjust, drag the markers located on its edges.
  • Feedback when clicked. Turn on sound and enlarged viewing of pressed letters, characters, and emojis.
  • Contrast keyboard To improve visibility, the size and color of the keyboard changes (to more contrasting ones).
  • Reset to default values. Resets all your keyboard settings to factory defaults.
  • About the keyboard. Here you can see the current version of the installed keyboard and update it if necessary.
  • Google voice input

    Alternatively, you can use voice input instead of the keyboard. Here are the basic settings for better recognition of your voice and typing without errors:

    • Languages. Choose your primary language. I have it Russian.
    • Voice Match. a sample of voice. You can enable access to the Google Assistant through the phrase “Ok Google” or set the option to unlock the phone using voice. Record or re-record your voice sample for better response.
    • Voice control. Activate voice control through a wired headset or bluetooth headset.
    • Sounding the results. Audio is always available or with a headset connected.
    • Speech recognition offline. To use the service without the Internet, install the necessary voice packages on the phone.
    • Censorship. Hide recognized obscene words?
    • Bluetooth headset. Records sound from the headset, if possible.

    Physical keyboard

    It is possible to connect an external wireless keyboard to the phone via bluetooth or wi-fi. This is necessary if you have to type a lot of text, and using the virtual keyboard is not always convenient.

    There are 2 options available in the settings:

    • Display virtual keyboard. Should I display a virtual keyboard if an external physical keyboard is already connected?
    • Keyboard Shortcuts. Displays hotkey explanations on the screen.

    Text to speech

    This module will voice everything that you wrote. And he will voice everything that is visible on the screen, he will voice all your actions. The function will be useful for people with low vision.

    The TTS Samsung module and Google speech synthesizer are responsible for converting text to speech. I already wrote about them in this article. Therefore, I will not repeat it. all the settings are described there.

    Pointer speed

    When using a mouse, joystick with a phone / tablet, you can change the speed of the pointer. everything is like on a computer.

    Summarize. We examined all the settings of the input language, how to install and configure the keyboard for ourselves; how to work with a virtual keyboard and how to connect an external to a smartphone / tablet; how to convert text to speech and change the speed of the pointer if using a mouse or joystick.

    Samsung is a major manufacturer of household appliances. The company is known for its huge amount of technology, and, of course, smartphones based on the Android operating system. The trademark was registered by Korean entrepreneur Lee Ben Chol in 1938.

    South Korean company gadget owners often ask themselves: “How is the brand name translated from Korean? Perhaps the founders of the company invested some sense in the name of the corporation? ”

    Samsung. Korean to Russian translation

    In Korean, Samsung means "three stars." According to one version, the founder of the company Lee Ben Chol named the brand by association with his heir sons (of which, as you might guess, there were three).

    The first Samsung logo. from 1938 to 1958. was also attended by three stars. They were in the center of the image. From the late 1980s until 1992, the updated logo also had an image of three stars. they were located to the right or left of the brand name.

    In fact, the name Samsung (by transliteration rules, pronounced “Samson”) can be translated in another way. Since the name was originally written in Chinese characters, the literal translation means "three stars." The second meaning from Korean is “bright path” or “striving for the best”. There are no other versions in this regard.