How to Change Keyboard On Honor 10 Light

Any user has to switch the keyboard layout from Russian to English and vice versa. There may be others, but these are the main ones. They have to be changed when typing texts, and when generating queries for search engines, and when commenting on entries.

An experienced user performs such a shift without hesitation. There are no tricks here. But if a person is just starting to master a computer, then the following tips will help him switch to another language. On laptops and computers, there are several options for how to change it.

Through the language bar

The lettering representing the language of the system is located at the bottom of the screen, in the right corner next to the clock. Changing the layout of the computer is performed using the manipulator: just click the left button on the panel to go to the pop-up window, in which to mark with a tick.

How to Change Keyboard On Honor 10 Light

The language bar is displayed when more than one language is used in the system. For example, if only English is specified, it will not be visible. To enable it, you need at least two.

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Using keyboard

This method is most often used as the most convenient. Therefore, we consider it in detail.

Switching from Russian to English and vice versa occurs with the help of "keyboard shortcuts". These are combinations of buttons, pressing of which activates the sequential change of system languages, makes it possible to switch from one to another.
The necessary keys should be pressed simultaneously. “Hot” buttons are selected during the installation of Windows.

  • Ctrl Shift
  • Alt Shift (Alt, which is located on the left);
  • Yo

If you do not know which option is set for your computer or laptop. sort through the combinations, so you will understand which one can be used to switch from Russian to English or to another.

Using a custom keyboard

If for some reason you are not comfortable doing the switch, it’s easy to make a convenient combination of buttons yourself. To do this, you need:

  1. In the "Start" pop-up window, find the line "Control Panel".
  2. Among the items, find and select the Change keyboard layout submenu, which is usually located in the section with the name Clock, Language, Region.
  3. In the pop-up window you need the tab “Languages ​​and keyboards”. In which the button "Change keyboard" is located.
    How to Change Keyboard On Honor 10 Light
  4. In the "Keyboard Switching" section below is a button for changing keyboard shortcuts. When clicked, you will get a list of available combinations. Choose the most convenient and confirm your choice. Then you can always switch to English or another language this way.
    How to Change Keyboard On Honor 10 Light
  5. The path to the keyboard settings is not only through the Start menu, it is also possible to get through the context menu of the language bar. You can get there by choosing the arrow. In the menu we are interested in the "Parameters" section. Next, do everything as described above.

The described algorithm is suitable for all versions of the operating system, panel names may vary slightly. But the meaning of finding the right menu is quite simple.

If for some reason there is no necessary language, it is not difficult to add. English is usually the default. If you need to add, for example, Russian, you need to go to the same menu as for changing the layout. But to the "General" tab.

After selecting the “Add” button, a list of languages ​​available for use will become available. After confirming the selection, it will be displayed in the panel and will be available for switching from the keyboard.


Sometimes, to change the layout, they use special programs that determine which language the set is made in and automatically switch to it. This is useful if you often forget about switching layouts, and discover it when part of the text is already typed. The best programs are recognized Punto Switcher, Key Switcher, Anetto Layout, Keyboard Ninja.

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