How to Change a Pattern Key on Huawei

How to Change a Pattern Key on Huawei

How to put a password on Honor and Huawei phones is the request of those users who care about the safety of personal information. Protect yourself from people who often pick up your smartphone, whether it’s a relative or a colleague. And thieves and scammers will have to sweat to hack into a mobile device. In this article, we will look at how to install and change encryption on Honor and Huawei phones with the Android operating system.

How to set a password on smartphones Huawei and Honor

Follow the instructions to set the encryption to unlock the screen.

  1. In the top menu bar, click on the “gears” icon. “Settings” will open.
  2. Find the “Security and Privacy” section, open it.
  3. We go to the tab “Password of the lock screen” and select the item “Setting the password for unlocking the screen” > “Setting the PIN.”
  4. Enter the PIN code of six numbers twice (a second time to confirm the code is correct).
  5. After entering the system, you will be prompted to configure the fingerprint, which you can refuse by clicking “Cancel”.

We recommend that you do not use code that is easy to compute for malicious users. For example, a date of birth is not the best option.

If this method does not work, try other methods.

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  • Graphic key. it is proposed to draw a figure on the points, which you can then unlock the smartphone.
  • Password. a combination of 6 or more characters is entered (choose the one that you will not forget, but do not facilitate the work of scammers).
  • Face Unlock. a feature available for the new Honor and Huawei models. unlocks the display by scanning the face with a front camera (this method requires good lighting; it is dangerous if there is a twin or a person similar to you).
  • Fingerprint scanner. the phone saves the fingerprint pattern, and in the end you can unlock it with one touch (it is possible to save 2-3 fingerprints. on different fingers or a person you trust).

Video: How to Change a Pattern Key on Huawei

You can keep all types of security and periodically change to ensure that confidential information does not go into the wrong hands.

Put the password on the folder

There are times when you need to secure only a separate folder. This requires downloading the Launcher, as there is no special option on the Honor and Huawei devices. There are a lot of similar applications in Google Play for Android OS. We recommend downloading AppLock. After installation, open the program and through the gallery select the folder you want to protect. You must enter a four-digit code.

Just remember, if you want to remove the application, the encryption of folders will crash.

How to change the password on the phone Huawei and Honor

If you want to change the password on the Huawei and Honor phone or completely remove it, follow these steps.

  1. Go to “Settings” and open the tab “Security and Privacy”.
  2. Click “Lock Screen Settings”.
  3. Here you need to choose one of two values ​​- “Change.” or “Turn off the screen lock password”.
  4. In the first case, enter the old cipher, and then come up with a new one.
  5. In the second. you need to enter only the previous value, after which it will be deleted.

So, in our article, we talked about how to set and remove a password on Huawei and Honor mobile devices, as well as how to set encryption on a separate folder. We hope you figured out how to do this correctly and your personal data is safe. Do not share your own codes, passwords and keys with third parties.