How to Call Xiaomi Redmi 4x Engineering Menu

How to call the engineering menu in Xiaomi smartphones

Most Android devices have hidden functions, which include the engineering menu of Xiaomi, and any other phone. It is hiding primarily from inexperienced users so that they do not break firewood.

What is the engineering menu for?

The engineering menu is used by developers to finalize the device. Here you can check the operation of all sensors and test the main components. In total, there are about 25 different types of tests.

How to open the engineering menu on Xiaomi smartphones?

To enter the engineering menu on devices Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi 3s, Redmi 3 (this method is suitable for all Xiaomi smartphones). you need to enter in the dialing mode: ## 6484 ##. If this code does not work, try ## 4636 ##.

Another way is to go to Settings > About device. Here you need to click on the inscription “Kernel version” 5 times and the menu will open.

The menu consists of five items:

  1. Automatic Test. All parameters will be tested automatically.
  2. Single Item Test. Here you can separately run any of the tests.
  3. Test Report. Here you can see the test results.
  4. SW add HW version. Find out the version of the smartphone.
  5. Device View. All information about the equipment of the device.

If everything is clear with paragraphs 1,3,4,5, then the second should be told separately, since it includes a bunch of tests.

  • Key. checking the functionality of physical buttons
  • Blacklight. test the display for brightness
  • TouchPanel. sensor testing
  • TFlash. check memory card
  • Bluetooth. searches for all available devices
  • SIM Card. check for SIM cards
  • Vibration. vibration test
  • Loopback test. tests the talking microphone for recording and playback
  • LCD. display colors
  • GPS. satellite search
  • Gyro. the work of a gyroscope
  • G-sensor. speed sensor
  • Proximity Sensor. responsible for the attenuation of the screen during a conversation
  • Optical Sensor. Optical Sensor
  • Magnetic Sensor. Magnetic Sensor
  • RTC. built-in clock
  • Speaker. checking the speaker
  • Receiver. checking the standard speaker
  • Headset. test the headphone jack, headset and audio playback
  • LED. notification indicator
  • FM. radio operation check
  • Camera. testing the camera and flash
  • Battery. battery operation and charging
  • Wi-Fi. looking for access points
  • Torch. check the flashlight

As you can see, using the engineering menu it is possible to get a lot of information. An experienced user can use it to roll back the smartphone to the standard (factory) settings, test the operation of all sensors, find out more detailed information about the device, optimize battery consumption and much more.

For beginners, we categorically do not recommend climbing here, because, as stated at the very beginning of the article, you can break firewood.

Call engineering video menu

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Engineering menu Xiaomi Redmi 4x and Note 3. Configuring

The engineering menu is designed to disable, configure or increase the effectiveness of various functions of the smartphone. camera, SIM card, internal memory, operating system, etc.

Entering the engineering menu of Xiaomi Redmi 4x, 4a, Redmi Note 3 and other smartphones of the line can be done in several ways: using service codes and special programs.

But, before we tell you how to do this, I would like to warn you that ignorance of the engineering menu options or incorrect phone settings using it can lead to the failure of one of the Redmi 4x functions or its breakdown. If you want to fix something, then first try resetting the settings to factory defaults, after making a backup.

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The easiest way to enter the engineering menu of Xiaomi is the following service code:

## 3646633 ##

How to Call Xiaomi Redmi 4x Engineering Menu

After entering it, a window in English will appear. If using this combination it was not possible to enter the menu, then try pressing the “memory” button five times in the standard settings of the phone.

To understand the seriousness of this section, consider a small example on setting up a Megafon SIM card. The functional of the engineering menu allows you to change the frequency of operation and thereby strengthen the signal, weaken or completely disable this function. Signal amplification can lead to increased loads on the Redmi 4x processor, which will damage the phone. A weakened signal will worsen the work of receiving and making calls in poorly covered areas of the network.

Video: How to Call Xiaomi Redmi 4x Engineering Menu

How to Call Xiaomi Redmi 4x Engineering Menu

In addition to the above method, you can enter the engineering menu of Redmi Note 3 Pro using applications, among which one of the most popular is the application called “Starting the MTK Engineering Menu”. Its main advantage over similar programs is the support of the Russian language. It is free, you can download it on Google Play.

We hope we could help you. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments or our VKontakte group.

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Xiaomi engineering menu

It often happens that Xiaomi smartphones start to work incorrectly. These can be various problems: problems with GPS, SIM cards, cameras, etc. In some cases, flashing the device can help, but why resort to such radical methods if you can go to the engineering menu of Xiaomi smartphone and configure everything yourself. The engineering menu is a utility built-in utility of the Android operating system that helps to diagnose both the software and hardware of your smartphone in more detail. But you cannot open this utility in the settings item, because it is carefully hidden from ordinary users so that they do not break firewood in their smartphone.

How to find the engineering menu of a smartphone from Xiaomi? You will find the answer to this question in our detailed article!

How to enter the engineering menu

I would like to note that not all Xiaomi smartphones can go equally into the engineering menu. Sometimes, you have to pick up certain options to do this. There are 2 main ways to enter the engineering menu:

  • Using gadget settings
  • using special USSD combinations that must be entered in the Phone application;
  • by downloading the app from the Google Play Market.

We will deal with the first method. Go to your phone’s settings and select “About phone” or “About device”. You will see all the detailed information about your gadget: the version of the operating system, communication module, kernel, number of processor cores, etc. We need the item “Kernel version”. Tap on this item many times (about seven times depending on the smartphone) and the main page of the engineering menu will open in front of you.

The next way is to enter special combinations. It is advisable to resort to this method only when the first does not work. It is important to remember that the incorrect entry of special phone numbers can lead to a reset of your operating system or even a “bricking” of the device. This is due to the fact that each combination is some kind of service team, which is programmed by the developer in different ways. This can also be explained by the usual USSD combinations on your SIM card.

What combinations may be suitable for entering the engineering menu in a Xiaomi phone?

The last method is to download special applications that will help you quickly open the “engineer” on the Xiaomi device. Honestly, this is the most senseless way, since you clog up the internal storage of the gadget with various utilities, which is not good. Of the most common programs, MTK Engineering and MobileUncle Tools are worth mentioning. The most important drawback of applications for system maintenance is that these utilities often require superuser rights (ROOT rights).

What is the engineering menu for?

As mentioned earlier, the engineering menu of the Xiaomi gadget is needed to fix errors in the hardware and software, as well as a detailed diagnosis of the device. After you have entered this program, a “scary” list of 5 options will open before you. In order to go into the diagnosis itself, we tap on the Single Item Test. Using a translator, you can find out that this is a test of any one particular position. After clicking on this button, we will go to the engineering menu options, consisting of a 25-position list. Of the most important, we note such tests:

  • bluetooth;
  • GPS
  • SIM cards
  • touchscreen and sensor calibration;
  • flashlight;
  • memory;
  • screen;
  • radio;
  • WLAN
  • speakers and much more.

As you can see, an “engineer” can be not only a dangerous option for your device, but also quite useful, as it helps to find a problem and solve it: “And why are these service centers needed?”

If the engineering menu does not open

If, for some incredible reason, the “engineer” does not open on your Xiaomi Mi6, which runs under MIUI 8 or 9, then third-party programs will help you. Let’s talk about free apps called MTK Engineering and MobileUncle Tools. Note that without superuser rights, you will not be able to use all the functionality of the applications in any way. This is done to protect system files from the hands of an inexperienced user. If you managed to “sew” ROOT rights into your gadget, then you have already gained some experience and can use all the charms of the engineering menu.

A utility called MTK Engineering works on all devices from Xiaomi. Despite its name, the application also supports Qualcomm chipsets. It has only two buttons on its main page: MTK Engineering Mode and Android Testing. To enter the device test menu, you must select the first item.

Like the previous program, MobileUncle Tools can be downloaded on the Market or on the website. The developers did a good enough job at creating this utility, since it can not only enter the “engineer”, but also perform a number of other operations, for example, change IMEI, enter Recovery mode, update the custom recovery environment, and many others. etc. To enter our test menu, click on the “Engineering mode” button.

It must be remembered that it is not always worth resorting to downloading various applications if you cannot enter the Engineering Mode of your smartphone. Most often, the user entered the wrong USSD request, as it may change depending on the phone (the list of all possible can be found above in the article). If one number does not fit, it is worth checking the effectiveness of other codes. A method that works 100% in new versions of MIUI shells is a method with the inclusion of an “engineer” in the device’s settings.

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