How to Call Through Whatsapp From Computer

Good afternoon, dear readers!

recently, WhatsApp released an update of the messenger, in which it became possible to call other phones where this program is also installed.

Let me remind you that earlier from this messenger it was possible to communicate only using text messages (well, files should be sent to each other). And now there is the opportunity to communicate in voice.

Before proceeding to the instructions

Let me remind you that my site already has two instructions on how to install the program on a smartphone, which can be read here:

And how to use this wonderful service on a computer (yes, such an official opportunity has recently appeared)

Also, in May 2016, the official version for the computer was released. About how to use it, read here:

If you are too lazy to read the instructions in text form, then you can see how to put VotsApp on your phone:

Ok, let’s assume that the program is already installed. Let’s continue further.

How to call?

I will use an Android phone as an example, since I don’t have an iPhone =) But I don’t think that the interface for these two mobile platforms is very different from each other.

Step 1

Run the program (again: watch the video, everything is clear there)

How to Call Through Whatsapp From Computer

For obvious reasons, I erased the avatars and surnames of my contacts. But suppose I need to call my friend Nikolai.

Step 2

I just click on it with my finger (I almost said “mouse” =) and immediately get into the window of the selected contact:

How to Call Through Whatsapp From Computer

Here, as you see, it remains only to click on the icon with the image of the handset. And the call will go to your subscriber. I think that there is no need to explain further, since even a five-year-old child will understand.

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But if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments. Feel free =)

I will answer the most common questions about using voice communication in VotsApp

Is it possible to call ordinary phones using this program?

No. You can only call the smartphone where this program is installed. That is, the grandmother will not be able to call the village (except for the case when your grandfather has a smartphone where WhatsApp is installed).

Why can’t I get through to a friend?

There can be many reasons. But the main reasons are:

1. No internet access

You need to understand that voice traffic goes through the Internet. Accordingly, your phone must have access to the Network.

2. Your subscriber is offline

He simply turned off the phone or is in a remote taiga, where, in principle, there is no connection with a mobile operator.

What to do? Try calling in the usual way, do not be greedy =)

What will I pay for? This is all VERY suspicious!

Let me remind you that the first year of using the service will be free, and then as much as 33 rubles per year (this is not a joke).

BUT! You should understand that ALL traffic in the program goes through the Internet on the phone (3G, GPRS, etc.). Therefore, I STRONGLY recommend connecting an unlimited Internet access package with your Mobile Operator.

Fortunately, now it’s not so expensive. I pay about 150 rubles a month for full unlimited in Nizhny Novgorod.

I still have a bunch of questions!

I answered a huge number of different questions in this article. Read it, there 99% of all possible problems are considered:

Why is there no this program for iPhone?

Indeed, the developers first released a version for Android smartphones. But they promise in the near future to please fans of Apple’s technology

So stay tuned.

Finally, I will share one thought

In fact, all similar messengers like this program bring huge losses to all mobile operators. If Viber used to be a nightmare, now another powerful player has appeared in the form of the hero of this review.

I suspect that the loss of mobile operators in voice communications will grow by another 30% (this is an estimated judgment, of course). Alternatively, mobile Internet prices will soar soon to compensate for these losses.

And Viber will experience an outflow of customers on WhatsApp, as Viber still sometimes connects. Yes, and many are simultaneously holding two messengers on the phone:

  1. VotsApp. for text messages
  2. Viber. for voice

Now there is no such need.

These are the news for today, dear readers.

By the way

For some reason, few people know that there are no less eminent instant messengers that are no worse. Read these two reviews, and perhaps you will like them much more.

10 comments to “How to call WhatsApp to friends? Nothing is easier! ”

I have Nokia 311 and Vacap installed, but there is no handset on the panel. How to call me. Version2.13.30

So your model does not support voice calling

I downloaded this program to the computer through the android emulator, but I can’t call, whatsapp crashes what to do?

I’m calling to Watsapp, the person’s network is fine, but there are short beeps and it’s written. such a subscriber is busy, what’s the reason? Maybe because of making a normal call at the moment?

WhatsApp works on data transfer, but does not work on voice communication, although the call goes through, but picking up the phone there is no answer, and there is a constant connection, and then reset.

and the phones are correct and correspondence is in progress, and if you click on the handset, a sign pops up that this subscriber cannot receive calls to WhatsApp. What is the reason is not clear!

What should I do, tell me, please, if I and the one to whom I call have the buzzer cut off when I try to call? With all passes, but with this subscriber no!

Good afternoon!
I have a DNS 4503 Texet 4677 phone model
Installed WhatsApp and Viber. I calmly write SMS, send photos, videos.
When I try to make a call, on the other side they hear it and see BUT in the receiver complete silence. When they type me, I also see and hear an incoming call, turn on the connection and complete silence
This happens in both Viber and Watsab programs.
I installed Skype, I dialed to the subscriber. Everything is perfectly audible and there is video connection.
Help understand who is to blame for this situation.

Is it possible that I will call a friend a video call and tell me your friend is talking (i.e. busy), but he is talking on the phone, not Whatsap video call?

I click on the handset in the server to make a call, a window appears where I would like to call from the mobile network or from the vibe, the user is not there. What to do, how to call from a party?

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