How to Apple Watch Connect to Wi Fi

How to Apple Watch Connect to Wi Fi

Smart watches “Apple Watch”, in close interaction with wireless networks, open the door to some interesting functions for owners: communication with a voice assistant (except standard questions related to time or weather, Siri even plays unread messages, generates notes in notes and understands with an alarm clock), and synchronization of events on the calendar, and Apple TV remote control.

And yet. if the iPhone is exhausted or is somewhere far away, then the clock will allow you to receive messages and even answer, both with template phrases already prepared in the menu, and typing in voice. And, since Wi-Fi is an indispensable assistant that extends the potential of the Apple Watch, why not figure out how to connect the watch to wireless networks?

Additional Information

Before proceeding with the settings, the developers remind of three important nuances, without which you can not even dream of a positive result:

  • Both the first and third series of Apple Watch do not support the 5GHz Wi-Fi standard. The only current option is 2.4 GHz 802.11. For what reasons such a restriction was introduced is unknown. But, if the router or router does not support the 2.4 GHz standard, then it will not work to experiment with the connection;
  • Starting with WatchOS 5, Wi-Fi connection is possible without pairing with a smartphone. The necessary networks are selected directly on the clock, the password is also entered there (or, more precisely, it is drawn right on the screen!);
  • And finally. unsecured wireless networks are not officially supported and do not even appear in the selection lists. A similar restriction was invented for added security.

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Wi-Fi Connection Options

Wireless setup depends on the current version of the operating system:

WatchOS 1-4

Access to Wi-Fi in this case opens exclusively when paired with the iPhone. The pair is generated in a special application. Watch, which is available by default on every iPhone (in other cases, it’s worth downloading the appropriate tool from the App Store), in the “My Watch” section. Even a novice will not be able to get confused in the procedure. a visual instruction describes each step in the most detail and helps to achieve the desired result.

If there are no problems with pairing, then the iPhone remains connected to the tested (that is, password protected) wireless networks and Bluetooth. The watch will repeat the steps and finally allow you to communicate with Siri and reply to messages.

WatchOS 5

Each update of the operating system of smart watches is aimed at the consistent transformation of the Apple Watch into a smartphone-independent gadget. An unexpected change affected many aspects, including Wi-Fi. From now on, the procedure is as follows.

Open “Settings” on the watch. Select the Wi-Fi section in the drop-down list. Activate the slider (move from gray to “green” position), and then examine the proposed ones for connecting to the network. It is important to find a password-protected option, preferably a home or trusted network. Click “Connect” and proceed to enter the password. The developers offer to display the letters with your finger right on the screen exactly until you can assemble a complete and correct combination.

Then click “Finish” and check if the setting worked. If so, then the watch will be able to perform the above functions and will become an indispensable assistant when the iPhone is not at hand. If there were problems during the input, then the procedure should be repeated, and experiment over the input and be sure to check whether the correct letters are entered, capital or uppercase.

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