How to Add Screen to Xiaomi

Projection screen for your car

As a rule, projection screens are preinstalled only in expensive cars. But with the CarRobot smart HUD, you can use the information screen in almost any car with an OBD port (released after 2008, with the exception of electric cars), especially since this equipment has many useful functions designed to make your trip comfortable.

A device with an information display provides the driver with important information, such as speed, fuel consumption, driving route, engine temperature, various warnings, etc.

How to Add Screen to Xiaomi

Displays important information

Thanks to the HUD, the driver can safely drive and get acquainted with the information displayed on the screen without looking at the dashboard, which makes the trip safer.

Robust construction. Sharp image.

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The body of the device is made of ABS plastic and polycarbonate. The lens has 10 optical coatings, allowing you to display information clearly, without distortion.

Adjust the brightness to suit your environment.

To ensure the best viewing experience, this monitor also has the ability to intelligently control and control brightness depending on the environment (up to 12 levels of adjustment). If you feel that automatic adjustment does not meet your needs, you can manually adjust it through the application on your smartphone.

Integrated radiator

CarRobot uses an aluminum heatsink to increase cooling efficiency.

Voice control

The CarRobot smart HUD information screen has a Bluetooth connection and supports voice control, which allows you to make calls, control music and use navigation without manual control

For this, you need to install the “CarRobot” application on your smartphone. The voice control function can only be implemented through your smartphone, since CarRobot is not equipped with speakers.