How to Add Music to Apple Music

How to place your content on iTunes?

To place your content on iTunes, fill out the application.

Can I work directly with Apple or do I need to resort to the services of an aggregator?

Aggregators. Specialists in hosting content on iTunes. For a fee, they can correctly format and deliver your content in accordance with Apple requirements. List of aggregators approved by Apple.

How to Add Music to Apple Music

If you meet all the requirements for applicants, you can register and sell your content, working directly with Apple. If you do not meet these requirements, or you have any other financial or technical features, you may be better off working with an aggregator.

What is the difference between an aggregator and a coding studio?

Coding Studio can format music videos or movie concerts and deliver your content directly to your account on your behalf. Payment for content delivered by coding studios is made by Apple to the content owner.

Do I need an Apple ID to sell my music on iTunes?

Yes, you must have an Apple ID and a valid credit card registered with the iTunes Store. If you do not have an Apple ID, you will need to create it using iTunes.

How much does it cost to register to sell your content on iTunes?

Sign up as an iTunes music distributor for free. You can learn more about the terms of sales during the registration process.

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Do I need a U.S. tax identification number?

Yes, you will need to provide your U.S. tax identification number during the registration process and authentication with iTunes Connect. This requirement also applies to suppliers who do not work in the United States. US TIN Request.

When filling out the application, make sure that your U.S. tax identification number is entered correctly. If you are prompted to fill out US tax forms on iTunes Connect, you must use the same ID.

I get an error message. my name does not match the name specified for my Apple ID. What should I do?

Video: How to Add Music to Apple Music

Make sure you enter the correct Apple ID. To edit the name associated with your Apple ID, go to

I already have an iTunes Connect account for another type of media (e.g. apps, books or movies). Can I use it to sell music content?

If you have an iTunes Connect account to distribute applications or books, you need to create a new account in iTunes Connect with a different Apple ID.

If you have an account for distributing movies, or if you used your Apple ID to apply for distribution of movies on iTunes, and this application is currently under consideration, you can use this Apple ID to apply for distribution of music.

Who should apply for iTunes content distribution on behalf of my company?

Applying for distribution of content on iTunes should be someone who is authorized to sign documents on behalf of your company. Only this person has the right to accept the terms of the standard iTunes contract in iTunes Connect.

Should I use my own name or the name of my company as an official name?

If you are registering as a company, enter the name of the legal entity. If you are registering as an individual, enter your first and last name. The official name you enter must match the name or first name and surname associated with your US TIN, as well as the type of identification number specified in your application.

What is iTunes Connect?

iTunes Connect is a website for iTunes vendors where they can manage their content on the iTunes Store, including access to iTunes Producer (the Apple app for preparing and sending content), discounts on equipment, financial reports, sales and trends reports and etc.

How do I know the status of my application?

You will be notified by email. Make sure that your mailbox can receive messages from, and also check the spam filters configured for your mailbox.

If my application is accepted, in what countries will my content be available?

Once your application has been accepted, you can request contracts for all regions in which the iTunes Store sells music. As soon as a contract for a certain region is completed and all other requirements are met, music that was delivered to iTunes with territorial rights for this region can be offered in this region.

Does the music distribution contract allow me to post music videos, ringtones, movie concerts and iTunes LP?

Yes, you can sell music videos, ringtones, movie concerts and iTunes LP.

After my contract is approved, how should I post content to iTunes?

After the contract is approved, you will get access to iTunes Producer, the Apple application for preparing and delivering content. Please note that iTunes Producer cannot currently play music videos or movie concerts. To host music videos and movie concerts, you need to work with an Apple-approved coding studio.