How Samsung S9 Wireless Charging Works

Samsung has been equipping its flagship (and not only) smartphones with a wireless charging function for a very long time. in this matter, the company has a huge experience. This is a plus. But, despite this experience, far from always everything works as it should. This is a minus.

How Samsung S9 Wireless Charging Works

For example, recently our Galaxy S9 just stopped charging wirelessly. Literally everything worked yesterday, but not today. As soon as we did not install it (sideways, vertically, horizontally), we leaned, moved, twisted, but what we did not do. This miracle of South Korean industry simply refused to charge! With the help of a wire. everything is fine! “Through the air”. in no way!

As a result, we still defeated him, but at the same time decided to write this article. what if someone faces the same problem? Go!

So, what kind of wireless charging is suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S9? Yes, almost any. The smartphone supports the following standards: WPC (better known as “Qi”) and PMA. In fact, these are the most common options. It turns out that if you are holding a wireless z / y in your hands, then in 99% of cases it is suitable for the Galaxy S9. Well, one less headache. 🙂

Video: How Samsung S9 Wireless Charging Works

Well, now we turn to the most important thing. So why the wireless charging does not work in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and what to do with all this:

How Samsung S9 Wireless Charging Works
  1. Check the charger. Ideally, try charging them some other gadget. As we have already figured out, the point here is not “fit or not”, but “does it even work?”
  2. Elementary failures may be to blame for everything. Reboot Galaxy S9, reconnect wireless charging. “Glitches” should disappear.
  3. The wire by which the charging is connected to the network. Original Samsung accessories do not have such problems, but the “Chinese” ones often sin by putting quite thin wires in the kit. We witnessed a similar situation. we put the Galaxy S9 on a wireless charger, and it either charges or fails (it turns off literally every minute). They began to look for the reason, replaced the USB cable and it became straight good 🙂
  4. Power adapter. A similar story (like about the wire item above) can happen with the power supply. try changing it to another, more powerful one.
  5. Cases and other gadgets covering the back of the smartphone. Remove all accessories from the Galaxy S9 and verify that the charge works without using them.

It seems to be all. But we simply have to mention what helped us. And this is. firmware upgrade.

Of course, most likely it was not in the firmware, but in some very strong “glitch” of the system and a normal reset to factory settings would also fix the situation. But since the Galaxy S9 asked for updates, we did it. And lo and behold! After that, wireless charging worked as if nothing had happened. Oh, Samsung, Samsung.

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