How on a Tablet Samsung Note N8000 64gb

How on a Tablet Samsung Note N8000 64gb

Used almost 3 years. No complaints. The tablet faithfully served me and rescued me in all situations. it is very convenient with it, paid for itself. An ideal model for its time. And now. just great, sorry no longer for sale.

In short, one can say this. models like this happen once a decade!

after half a year the battery stopped holding charge for more than 4 hours of games

it takes a very long time to charge (changed charge the issue is resolved)

no more flaws it pleases

I have been using this tablet for 4 years. It works well.

7.Very good.

8. A lot of covers for him.

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It is unrealistic to flash a 64 GB version (and downloading it from the manufacturer’s website will not help you). if the firmware has flown, the tablet becomes a piece of iron, suitable only for the sale of the matrix.

After six months of use, large black squares began to appear on the display.

The stylus is tight to use, so it’s practically unnecessary.

The tablet itself is heavy.

Adobe Flash Player, even if installed, does not work, so the video can only be watched by YouTube and on some sites.

When you run text files it crashes.

When charging or accessing the Internet, it is quite noticeably heated.

1. It was a little expensive, when I bought 2 years ago I gave 30 tr.

2. Extremely low reliability. After about 4 months the screen died, some kind of matrix flew there, they say. a common problem for 64 gig versions. The warranty service was repaired, but lost all the information (thank God, a couple of weeks before that I decided just in case to fill in everything that’s valuable on dropbox).

Video: How on a Tablet Samsung Note N8000 64gb

3. Like all Samsung devices that I managed to use in the last 3-4 years, after a couple of years it starts to become severely buggy. Brakes and freezes. Re-flashing did not help.

The Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 64Gb tablet itself is quite powerful "a toy"which each of us would not mind getting. However, in view of the growing demand and popularity of this model, now more and more often you can come across a fake of this tablet, so be careful when buying.

on the 64 GB version there is a problem, and the bulk one, the memory card flies completely after 3 months, the tablet freezes and everything, when you press the Power on button (in an attempt to restart) it starts with a display, all the colors of the rainbow and all types of stripes can be seen, replacement in official service (without warranty) costs 99,450 rubles. there is still a problem with the memory, the maximum you can score it is 60% more the device does not support.

Generally Samusng messes up

I bought a tablet as a gift to my wife in December 2012. Therefore, the package bundle was selected maximum with 64GB. In April 2013, he died at one fine moment. a multi-colored ripple appeared on the screen and none of my manipulations (reboots, attempting a complete reset, etc.) gave a positive effect. I took it to the SC under the guarantee Where the motherboard was replaced. After that, he worked great for another 4 months. And now, being abroad, where he was especially needed as a navigator, a cartoon player for a daughter. Means of accessing the Internet and as a phone (a local SIM was inserted into it), he simply passed out for no reason. Today I took it back to the SC, where in a conversation with the master I found out that such a problem with these 64GB tablets periodically occurs and is caused by the filling of the internal memory. And this seems like the truth, and for the first time this time I really downloaded a lot of films for myself and cartoons for my daughter, so that it would not be boring. So, as I take it from the repair, I already know how I will check its quality. By the way, I want to note that after pouring films / cartoons into the tablet and before it goes out of order, it took from one to three weeks both times.

In the meantime, I went to recall my diploma in consumer protection. I really do not want to wait for the warranty to end and stay with a useless chipset for 30t.r.

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