How much is Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Charging

recently, the world was presented with a novelty. the Mi Bend 3 bracelet. Third-generation tracker combined the achievements of previous models, as well as new improvements. The gadget attracts the attention of most lovers of active pastime, but because of its novelty, it forces users to spend time developing opportunities. First of all, it’s worth figuring out how to properly charge Mi Band 3. And after that you can immediately connect it to your phone.

How much does the bracelet need to be charged

Time to fully charge will not have to spend very much. Fitness bracelet, like its predecessor, manages to charge from 0% to 100% in just 2 hours.

Charging after purchase

Immediately after purchase, the tracker should be charged to maximum. This will help to prepare the battery for work and increase the battery life.

Charge all subsequent times

Fitness bracelet performs quite a lot of functions, but the activity of their use depends only on the owner. If the gadget is not heavily loaded during the day, then you can safely charge it up to 80% and use about 20-25 days offline. But in the case when the tracker is constantly active, it will lose about 5-7% per day, so it will not be enough for a long time.

How often do I need recharging?

This point also depends on the activity of using the bracelet. It is best to put it on charge when the indicator is located within 10-20%. You should not wait until full discharge, because the tracker may disconnect at the most inopportune moment.

How to properly charge Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet for the first time

Just starting to use the tracker, you need to learn the rules for charging it, so as not to suffer with it in the future. Included with the bracelet is a charging cable, where it must be placed to connect to power.

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By connecting the contacts to USB, you just need to find an electrical source nearby. It can be both an outlet and a PC (preferably a computer).

How to charge Mi Band 3 without native charging at home

Mi Band 3 Charging Cable Easy may break or get lost, and not everyone wants to spend money on buying a new one. Fortunately, the tracker can continue to work, but for this you will have to do several manipulations.

The most common way to charge smart watches without a native cable is the use of additional wires. No special skills are needed here. Performing steps step by step, the result will not be long in coming:

  1. Take the USB cable.
  2. Bare black and red wires.
  3. Press them firmly to the contacts of the bracelet.
  4. Connect to PC.

How to understand that the bracelet is charged

How much is Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Charging

The smart bracelet is equipped with a button and a touch screen. It is with their help that you can find out the percentage of charging.

When the clock included, by clicking on the button, you can immediately see the last viewed data. If this is not a charge level, then you need to reach it by sweeping the image from the bottom up.

Pushing the button on off device (charging is from 0%), the image of the battery is displayed on the screen. Flashing means charging, full battery. 100%.

How much is Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Charging

Is it possible to charge a fitness bracelet from a power outlet

Of course, you can fully charge the device from the outlet, but it’s better to do it using a PC, according to the manufacturer. To do this, you need to connect Mi Band 3 to the computer via USB. The bracelet will charge at 5V. To fully charge the device, three hours will be enough.

Video review: Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band 3

Answers to popular questions

Properly charging the Mi Band 3 is not so difficult. This is the new model. not much different from its predecessor. The most important thing is to adhere to the rules provided in the article, and then the bracelet will delight you with a long lifespan for a very long time.

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