How Important Muzzle For Dogs

From time to time the media shocked by the news of the attack earlier "kind, calm and safe" dogs for passersby. Moreover, it happens to read headlines in the news: "Rottweiler bit the baby in the playground". Hosts shrug. fighting dog can not be stopped. These nightmares could have been avoided if the animal walked in a muzzle.

How Important Muzzle For Dogs

What threatens the walking of a pet without a muzzle

Besides the fact that neighbors and the owners themselves are at risk of being bitten, owners of large dogs can be held administratively or criminally liable. And if the pet for a walk will meet the aggressive neighbor Doberman? Dogfights and visits to the vet were hardly included in the daily to-do list.

When does a dog need a muzzle

Belarusian legislation provides for the following situations in which an animal must be "neutralized" by muzzle:

  1. During the entry and exit from the local area (does not apply to small breeds up to 25 cm at the withers);
  2. During the entire walk, if the dog is a potentially dangerous breed (fighting).

Types of muzzles

How Important Muzzle For Dogs

How to choose a comfortable muzzle for your pet

To dog like a strait "accessory", you need to make 6 measurements:

  1. The length of the muzzle. straight from the tip of the nose to the eye line;
  2. Length to the nape. the distance from the eyes to the highest point on the back of the head;
  3. Girth muzzle. the circumference of the widest part of the muzzle (1-2 cm below the eyes) with the mouth closed;
  4. The width of the muzzle. the width of the widest part;
  5. Girth of the neck. neck circumference behind the ears;
  6. The height of the muzzle. the distance from the chin to the highest point on the face (with the mouth closed).
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All distances are recorded in cm. You can check your measurements using the formula: 2 muzzle width 2 muzzle height = muzzle girth.

Where to find quality accessories for dogs

To make life easier for animal lovers and their four-legged friends, there is an online playground https://zooqi.By/dogs/market/namordniki. Convenient filter, thanks to which it is easy to choose the desired size of the muzzle. In addition, you can immediately specify the desired material, brand or value of the product.

Advantages of the online site:

How Important Muzzle For Dogs

How to teach a dog to muzzle

First example "armor". stress to the animal. To reduce discomfort and quickly accustom your pet to a new thing, you need:

  • Wear a muzzle first for a few minutes before walking or feeding, to consolidate positive associations;
  • If the dog wears the accessory calmly. Be sure to praise her and treat her to something delicious.

Care for pets to get along well with people on the street, lies entirely on the shoulders of the owners. Therefore, it is important to choose a good muzzle for a four-legged family member.

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