How Drive Open In Asus Vivobook Laptop

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The chic VivoBook S13 is a compact device in a lightweight body with an attractive design, making it the perfect accessory for mobile users. Thanks to the latest Intel processor, this laptop is able to cope with any tasks. In addition, it is endowed with an innovative NanoEdge display, whose relative screen area is 89% due to the incredibly thin frame (only 4.3 mm).

Frameless screen
It’s time to get rid of the framework and limitations. along with the VivoBook S13! This laptop uses a NanoEdge display, which occupies almost the entire available cover area. Now, nothing will distract your eyes from work or game, because the image on such a frameless screen looks simply bewitching.

Modern mobile platform
The pace of modern life is constantly accelerating, and you need a laptop that will be able to support it. The VivoBook S13 is a stylish and dynamic device, perfect for working out of the office. Thanks to a thin screen bezel on four sides of the screen, its 13-inch NanoEdge display is housed in a case that is only slightly larger than typical 11-inch models.

Genuine mobility
Incredibly light and sleek, the VivoBook S13 is the perfect device for work and entertainment in a mobile environment. wherever you go.

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Attention to every detail
The stylish VivoBook S13 aluminum case is available in three attractive color options: Icicle Gold, Rose Gold and Transparent Silver. The latter option is complemented by a polished finish around the keyboard area. It is these original details that distinguish this model from ordinary laptops.

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How Drive Open In Asus Vivobook Laptop

The color of your style
VivoBook S13 is available in three colors, so you can easily choose the perfect option for your personal image.

Comfortable corner
Opening a VivoBook S13 laptop means discovering a whole world of new possibilities. The laptop is equipped with an innovative ErgoLift display mount mechanism with dual action. It smoothly opens and holds the display securely, and also tilts the laptop keyboard 2.5 ° to the ideal position for typing. In addition, this creates additional space for ventilation under the bottom of the case, which helps to reduce the temperature of the internal components of the laptop.

Creating the future
VivoBook S13 is a serious tool that will help you in solving any problems. Its hardware configuration includes the latest eighth-generation Intel® Core ™ processor, which delivers outstanding laptop performance in games and resource-intensive applications, such as graphics editing. To quickly load the operating system and applications, a solid-state drive is installed in this laptop.

True freedom
Leave your desktop computer in the office and enjoy real freedom! Thanks to modern interfaces with a new laptop, you can work anywhere, for example, in your favorite cafe or at the airport. With the VivoBook S13, the wireless connection is even faster and more stable, and the coverage area is wider. There is also a Bluetooth 4.2 peripheral wireless interface.

Great sound
ASUS laptops use the exclusive SonicMaster technology, which is a set of hardware and software sound enhancement tools that provide the unprecedented sound quality of the built-in audio system for mobile computers.

For productive work
The VivoBook S13 has many features to enhance user comfort. It has a full-sized keyboard4 with backlight for comfortable work in the dark, and also has a fingerprint scanner built into the touchpad for quick and safe login. The USB Type-C ™ interface (USB-C ™) is used to quickly exchange data with peripheral devices. The device also boasts a long battery life. up to 12 hours without recharging!

How Drive Open In Asus Vivobook Laptop

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