How Can You Feed A Monthly Puppy And Whether The Dog Can Kefir Bone Bread

On our website you can easily find information about What can you feed a month-old puppy and is it possible to dog kefir bone bread? In order for your dog to grow strong and healthy, it must be properly fed from childhood. So, in this article we will talk about how to feed a puppy, what he can be given, and what we should refrain from. To begin with, let’s consider the ratio of products that should be fed to a small pet.

  • A two-month puppy needs to be fed in the following ratio: 35-50% of meat, 40-50% of dairy products and from 15% to 25% of cereals and vegetables.
  • From three months, a small pet should be fed with meat content from 50% to 70%, dairy products a little less from 25% to 50%, about 20% of vegetables and about 15% of various cereals.

Do not observe the preferences of what you feed your pet, for example, if the puppy likes fish more than cottage cheese, then you need to give less dairy products and more meat products. But you still need to feed balanced.

How Can You Feed A Monthly Puppy And Whether The Dog Can Kefir Bone Bread

By the way, the most important thing about what it costs to feed a puppy is not to give both dairy and meat products at the same time, these products should be divided into different feedings. Before you feed the puppy meat, the product must be frozen a couple of days in the freezer or rinsed with boiling water. Meat is better to give with vegetables, and sometimes you can add sunflower oil, although you should not regularly feed with it. If the diet of the dog got a little lost due to the lack of any products, it is not scary, just feed the animal with what it is. It is not necessary to overtake the missed, continue to feed the dog, as usual. Now let’s take a closer look at what products to feed your puppy, and how to give them correctly.

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Milk products

Puppies that have not reached three and a half months should be fed using dairy food as the main one. Allowed any dairy products, such as kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, and so on. Milk can be cooked porridge. Sometimes it is very useful to add some honey to dairy dishes. And it is also useful to put nuts in yogurt or kefir, grated carrots, an apple and so on. You can also make a calcined curd for your puppy and feed him occasionally. To do this, you need to add 2 tablespoons of calcium chloride to 1 liter of milk, which can be purchased at a pharmacy, bring to a boil, stirring, and then cool. As a result, the resulting dish will consist of a transparent whey and curd mass. You can give everything together, and you can only separate the cottage cheese, depending on the desire of the puppy. To feed a dog with dairy products is necessary under the control of her chair. Very fatty dairy products can lead to a weakening of the stool, in this case it is necessary to reduce the fat content of products, but it is not necessary to give completely low-fat, because there is no benefit from them.

Meat dishes

What to feed a puppy and can he give raw meat? Before you give the dog meat, it must be well frozen in the freezer for at least two days, then the meat must be thawed to room temperature and only then feed the puppy. More meat can be treated with boiled water, or boil a little. Pork is a very fatty product for dogs, so it’s best to prefer beef, veal, lamb, horse meat, rabbit, turkey, or chicken. Chicken meat must be fed carefully to avoid indigestion. Better to focus on beef and veal. Minced meat from any kind of meat is not desirable, but offal is quite acceptable, namely liver, heart, and so on. On a puppy day, it is best to feed about 20-30 grams per kilogram of your weight in portions of meat. For an adult dog, the dose should be reduced to 15-25 grams per day per kilogram of animal weight. The final volume of the portion will be determined with time.

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Fish and vegetables

The menu of your pet must include fish. A couple of times a week, the dog should be fed fish, but if she did not like this dish, focus on the meat, and the fish can be offered in a few weeks. It is possible that during this time the animal will have a desire for this dish. You can also experiment with different types of fish. Sea fish can be given raw, pretreated with boiling water, or by freezing it for several days in the freezer, and then defrosting to room condition, but the river should certainly be cooked, that is, boiled or roasted. Fish bones must be carefully removed. Due to the fact that the fish contain very little protein, it must be given much more than meat. And it is also possible to chop a well-boiled fish in a meat grinder along with bones, which are high in calcium. An integral part of your pet’s diet should be vegetables, to which the dog should be taught from an early age. Most likely they will not cause the animal great desire, but vegetables have all the trace elements and vitamins necessary for the dog. Vegetables can be given in any form raw, boiled, fried, stewed and so on. You can add them to cereal or mix with each other, it depends on the preferences of the animal. Almost all vegetables are suitable for dog nutrition: cabbage, carrots, beets, zucchini, cucumbers, and so on. And still it is necessary to try to add greens to porridge, such as parsley, dill, sorrel and so on.

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What to feed a puppy and whether it is necessary to include cereals in its food? Of course, in the menu of the puppy must be a variety of cereals. You can cook them in milk or meat broth. It is best to cook the broth on the bones, as the meat, if cooked for a long time, will lose most of the nutrients. Cereals must be alternated, and you can mix several types of cereals in one cereal. You can also add meat or vegetables or fish to them, in general you have to improvise and select the most suitable recipe for your dog. For puppies, the best option for croup will be rice, buckwheat and oatmeal.


Water and fruit

A dog should always have a bowl of water in the access zone, as it contains mineral salts necessary for the animal’s body. It is often necessary to change the water so that it is always fresh. Also, sometimes indulge your dog with fruits and berries in small quantities.

How Can You Feed A Monthly Puppy And Whether The Dog Can Kefir Bone Bread

So, using the example of this article, one can well imagine what to feed a puppy for the full growth and development of the body.

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