How Can I Remove Classmates Via Phone

Through the Odnoklassniki social network, many people around the world can easily communicate if they are separated by kilometers, seas and oceans. The popularity of the network is only increasing every day, every day someone opens his network page for the first time, and someone has already become an old-timer of the site.

You can go to your page from almost any device, the developers have released mobile versions for different operating systems, but, nevertheless, there are those who just want to disappear from classmates forever, that is, delete all their data and page from the network. This is not so simple: the administration is interested in increasing, not decreasing, users, and creates all sorts of obstacles to make this very difficult. But anything is possible!

Mobile version of Odnoklassniki

The popularity of the network prompted developers to create a mobile version of the site., now the main site displays these symbols in the search engine. Of course, in order not to spend a lot of traffic on visiting a full site, the mobile version has a “portable” look and functionality.

There are no special differences from the full version, but still some functions are greatly reduced. Such restrictions include deleting your page via the mobile version.

How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki via phone

In this case, you need not a mobile, but a full version of a social network. You can access your page from any mobile device (tablet, iPhone, phone) using the browser installed on it: note that the Latin "m" should not be present in the line.

Sometimes the request is always thrown to the mobile version. we don’t need it, reboot until the full version of the site opens.

The type of operating system, the type of phone or the version of the device does not matter at all. removal is similar to the method described below:

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    Through a mobile browser, go to the site with your username and password.

How Can I Remove Classmates Via Phone

Make sure that a full version of the site is open, and not mobile. If you observe such a picture as below, then you must click on the button "Full version of the site."

At the bottom of the page, through the "Regulations" functionality, we refuse to provide services for your account.

Also, to get rid of your page, if the mobile version of Odnoklassniki is installed on the phone, you need to remove the installed application:

Choose an application manager.

Find the downloaded file.

Click on the “delete” function.

That’s all, your page on the popular network is not on the Internet.

Please note that if you did this voluntarily, then you won’t be able to restore the page using standard tools. the administration strictly monitors user accounts, and if the checkbox is checked against the “delete forever” option, then all user data is automatically deleted from the domain, though not immediately, but after a certain time.

Can I delete my page if I remember neither my password nor my login

Yes, there is such an opportunity. by contacting the support service before deleting your page. According to the standard scheme, you can restore the login information, and then repeat the sequence described above.

If the standard method does not delete the page

And this is possible if there are failures in the system. Try an alternative:

  1. Log in as usual.
  2. Delete all the information on the page. photos, videos, friends, records.
  3. In the field of personal information on the profile page, instead of your name and surname, write some gibberish.
  4. That’s it, now this page is not associated with your name, that is, it will no longer hang on the Internet.

You can resort to this method if other options did not work, and when you type information about you in the search engine, a link to your personal page appears.