How Can A Dog Pick A Bowl

How Can A Dog Pick A Bowl

The choice of bowls for dogs should be treated very responsibly.

The dishes should be stable, of sufficient size and depth, with high sides.

The bottom of the bowl should not contain any projections or depressions in which feed particles can get stuck. Utensils with a rounded flat bottom are best suited for feeding a dog, since it is easy for an animal to eat from and convenient to lick it.

To care for such a bowl is easy, just rinse it in hot water. and the dishes are ready for use again.

Do not feed the dog from the old plate, previously used by the owners. Any cracks and chips on the surface of the dishes are excluded. about them the animal can get hurt while eating. In addition, the plates intended for people are inconvenient for dogs in shape (they are too small, the food falls out of them or spills on the floor).

It is recommended to purchase two bowls for the dog. one for feed, another. for water. An animal that is given dry food needs a lot of liquid, so the drinker should be volumetric and always filled with fresh water. On sale you can find avtopilki for dogs, with a bunker, designed for several liters. This device is very convenient if you want to leave the dog for a few days alone. Having filled such auto-drinker, it is possible to provide an animal with fresh water for several days.

Criteria for choosing bowls for dogs

It is easy to determine which bowl is suitable for a four-legged pet, but you should take into account such parameters as:

  • The size, weight and shape of the dishes;
  • The material from which the product is made;
  • Purpose (for food, for water, for hiking);
  • Configuration (single, double, etc.);
  • The presence of additional elements (rubber bands, suckers, various attachments).
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The size of the bowl is important. For large breeds of dogs, too small bowls will not work, and vice versa – small feeders will be uncomfortable with volumetric feeders. When choosing, you should take into account the breed of the pet, its age and structural features. For example, if a dog has long ears (spaniels), it is recommended to purchase a special bowl for it with high sides and a wide base for spaniels or other dogs with long ears. The design of such dishes will not allow the dog to stain wool while eating.

Bowl Material

The most common and inexpensive are bowls of environmentally friendly plastic, but this dish is short-lived, because it quickly cracks and fails. The disadvantage of a plastic bowl can also be considered lightness and instability: the dog will carry it on the floor while eating, and may even accidentally turn the contents out. The advantages of plastic bowls include the possibility of their use in the microwave. furnaces.

Bowls made of stainless steel, are highly durable, they do not fight and serve for a long time. Models of metal bowls are equipped with rubber elements that prevent the dishes from sliding on the floor while the dog is feeding. Additional stability of the product gives the extended base. such a bowl is difficult to turn over while eating.

On enameled metal bowls cracks and chips may form over time, in this case, it is necessary to replace old dishes. Unlike plastic bowls, metal dishes cannot be used in microwaves when heating food for a dog.

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Ceramic bowls are very beautiful and resistant, which can be either monophonic or with drawings applied to the surface of the product. Ceramic bowls are suitable for heating dog food in the microwave, easy to care for them. However, they have a significant drawback. high brittleness. Ceramics are short-lived, it fights easily.

Which feeder is better for dogs?

Bowls can have a different shape and design. The most common and convenient are single bowls, produced in a large assortment. The size of the product is selected taking into account the physical data of the dog. It is recommended to purchase several single bowls of different capacity. for water and feed.

How Can A Dog Pick A Bowl

There are also double models, united by a common base. Their disadvantage is that the particles of the feed in one of the compartments, during the meal, get into the drinking water, thereby contaminating it.

How Can A Dog Pick A Bowl

To prevent the bowl from slipping on the floor while eating, and not to leave scratches on the floor, you should choose dishes on a rubber base or on suckers. The most practical is trapezoidal capacity with an expanded base. such a manger will never turn over and the food will not stain the floor.

If the owner of the dog needs to leave the house for some time, then an automatic feeder with a bulk tank for food and water will help. The pet will be able to regularly receive food and drink from an automatic feeder in strictly specified quantities until the owner returns.

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