How And What To Feed Siberian Husky From Puppy To Adult Dog

How to feed Huskies

Ready feed (dry, canned)

An interesting fact is that the northern huskies on long hikes fed on exactly dry food? Pemmican (sublimated meat product). Therefore, dry food for the Siberian Husky habitual. Prefer premium feed known manufacturers. Do not buy immediately a large amount of dry food. Offer the dog several tastes and choose the best option. Foods such as Ekanuba, Hills, Royal Canin, Nutro Choice, First Choice, Eagle Pac, etc.

Regarding the feed from the cans, many dog ​​owners are negative, because Canned food contains a lot of excess moisture and little nutrients. Of course, not scary, if you temporarily offer the dog canned food. It is desirable that the manufacturer of dry and wet food was the same.

It is known that mixing dry and natural food is not recommended. However, it is perfectly acceptable to offer the dog natural products (a piece of meat, vegetables, etc.) as a treat.

Homemade natural food

If time permits, huskies can be fed with natural food. At the same time, it is important to properly balance the dog’s diet, individually choosing the feeding pattern for the dog. The main criterion is the state of health of the dog, its activity and harmonious physique. Do not be lazy to once again feel the ribs of the dog and monitor its weight, because When fed with natural products, the dog can be easily overfed. And the dog will continue to look at you with hungry eyes.

Meat. The main product in the home diet of the Siberian Husky. It should be 50-70% of all food. It is best to give beef or veal, pre-scalded or boiled. In this case, the beef may contain cartilage, films and fat. These elements will only benefit the pet. Be sure to choose a fresh product.

Offal (beef liver, lungs, heart, scar, kidney). On nutritional value they are inferior to meat, but they are quite capable of supplementing and diversifying the diet of the Huskies. They should be given surely in boiled form.

A fish suitable for dogs as an additional source of protein and vitamins, but can not be the main food of the husky. She must have soft bones (salmon, pink salmon). Before you give the fish, it must be boiled and freed from the bones.

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Poultry meat (chicken, duck, turkey) – a great product for husky dogs. Contains a lot of valuable protein, easily digested, quickly prepared. Can boiled chicken (for example, hips or shin) be given along with bones? Soft chicken bones in boiled meat will only benefit the pet.

Eggs Once a week, you can offer the dog 2-3 quail or 1 chicken egg (both boiled and raw).

Groats (buckwheat, millet, rice) should be 10-20% of the diet. It is convenient and useful to give cereals in the form of flakes, pre-steaming them with boiling water.

Milk products. For huskies suitable low-fat dairy products: cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt without additives. However, you should know that these products must be given separately from the others, preferably in the morning.

Vegetables. Vegetables like carrots (fresh with added vegetable oil), cucumbers, boiled cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, onions, etc. are good for dogs of the Husky breed. Vegetables and fruits should make up not more than 20-30% of the total food.

How And What To Feed Siberian Husky From Puppy To Adult Dog

Husky dog ​​should be fed both dry and natural food at the same time! Food should be warm – so it is better absorbed by the body of the dog.

Do not forget about the special vitamin supplements for dogs that eat natural food. Check with a veterinarian first.

What should not be given Huskies

  • Sugar, sweet. It causes a violation of the growth of teeth and the development of problems with the skin, as well as coat.
  • Salt and seasonings.
  • Pork and lamb. They do not have the best effect on the dog’s pancreas.
  • Smoked and marinated products.
  • Bones.
  • Frozen fish. It is poorly absorbed by the body. Not suitable for food and bony fish.
  • Some vegetables (cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes) in large numbers can cause a weak stool in a dog or have a bad effect on health.
  • Vegetable proteins are undesirable.
  • Raisins, grapes.
  • Products containing colorants, flavors and flavor enhancers.
How And What To Feed Siberian Husky From Puppy To Adult Dog

Husky Recipes

one. Porridge in meat broth (for 2 servings). 500 gr. Meat pieces, pour a third of a cup of buckwheat or rice with water and after boiling add finely chopped colored or white cabbage, grated carrots. You can lightly salt. Cook until done.

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2 Chicken porridge (about 4 servings). 1 kg. Cover the legs or thighs of the chicken with water and cook until half cooked. Then pour half a cup of rice, you can also add sliced ​​onions or carrot pieces. Turn off only after rice cooks.

3 Plain cereal porridge. To do this, oatmeal, buckwheat or other flakes are not cooked, but poured with hot meat broth, adding a teaspoon of butter, and covered with a lid.

Husky puppy feeding

Choosing food for puppies Husky

If you opt for dry food for Husky puppies, pay attention to the following recommendations:

1. Prefer premium products. Food for puppies is not something to save on. High-quality food is well balanced, contains all the necessary nutrients for the growth and development of babies.

2. When choosing food, pay attention to its composition. Ideally, in the list of ingredients in the first place will be indicated meat or meat meal.

3. Pay attention to whether the food contains dyes, soybeans and corn. This is sometimes a sin for good manufacturers.

4. When feeding with dry food, make sure that the puppies have free access to fresh water.

5. Give puppies feed only for puppies or, as a last resort, for young dogs. Food for adult dogs has a different composition. Also, baby food is not suitable for adult huskies.

6. If you took a puppy from the nursery, be sure to ask what kind of food was given to the puppy and his mother. Mark is desirable not to change.

Approximate feeding scheme for a husky puppy

The hardest thing to make a diet of natural food for a puppy husky. Experienced dog breeders offer this scheme for feeding aged husky puppies from 1 month:

7-8 h. – milk porridge or cottage cheese with milk;
10-11 o’clock – raw minced meat (first week only) porridge in meat broth, hereinafter: shredded boiled carrots cut into small pieces of meat;
14 h. – thick soup with carrots in meat broth with boiled meat;
17 hours – milk porridge boiled quail egg;
20 h. – boiled or stewed carrots raw minced meat (in the first week) or a piece of butter;

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If the baby does not eat the food to the end, its volume should be reduced, without reducing the number of feedings per day. Do not recycle uneaten residues. In the feeding place, the puppies should always have clean fresh water.

Beginning from 2 months of age small boiled and steamed vegetables can be given to a small husky (up to 2 months? Only carrots). This may be green onions, lettuce, cauliflower. It is very useful to add fresh tops of beet, nettle.

From 3 months The meat in the puppy’s diet can be partially replaced by fish. Fresh sea can be given raw, river only boiled. Before offering fish, it should be passed through a meat grinder, after removing heads, fins and large bones. The number of fish should be 1.5 times more than meat.

About from 4 months of age we give milk to a puppy no more than once a day.

A puppy that eats natural food, twice a day, put in food mineral supplements (calcium glycerophosphate):

  • Up to 2 months? 1-1.5 g
  • 2-4 months? 1,5-2 g.
  • 4-6 months? 2. 3
  • From 6-12 months? 2.5 g

In winter, the baby Husky for the prevention of rickets must be given an oil solution of vitamin D or fish oil, based on their recommendations on the package. You can also offer your puppy self-made calcined cottage cheese. To make it, you need to pour 2-3 spoons of 10% solution of calcium chloride into a liter of boiling milk. Then the cottage cheese leans back in a colander and filtered. Giving it preferably warm.

A puppy that feeds on natural food should not be given:

  • Fish, tubular bones
  • Pork
  • Spices
  • Legumes
  • Uncrushed cereals

Food offer puppy only in the form of heat.

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