Horizontal Strip Appears On LCD TV

Often people encounter such a problem that horizontal stripes appear on the TV screen. The reasons include various factors. It should be borne in mind that the equipment screen is considered the most vulnerable place, and the appearance of stripes is a common breakdown. Because of this, the image is distorted, so watching TV becomes uncomfortable.

Horizontal Strip Appears On LCD TV

Repair Features

If horizontal stripes appear on the TV screen, what should I do? In this case, urgent professional repairs are required. Wizards do this job fast enough. First, the type of breakdown is determined, and then the defect is repaired. In addition to horizontal stripes, craftsmen clean vertical and color.

If horizontal stripes appear on the TV screen, then you need to check the fastening of the cable that transmits the image. It is also necessary to check the serviceability of the antenna. Often the problem can be eliminated on their own.

Screen device

LCD TVs transmit the image according to the following rules:

  • the light contained in the lamp panel is passed through the LCD matrix;
  • Its work is controlled by a processor, which creates a color image with filters.

Horizontal Strip Appears On LCD TV

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LCD screens have a clear image. From them there is no harmful radiation, which affects the health of people. And the screen does not flicker. The image appears in the plasma panel due to the effect of electricity on a special gas, which turns into a plasma and forms a glow of fluorescent components. Creating pictures is performed by the processor. In order for the plasma to serve for a long time, sunlight should not fall on it.

Types of malfunctions

If horizontal stripes appear on the TV screen, this indicates a malfunction of the equipment. This phenomenon can be accompanied by other breakdowns:

  • “snow” appears;
  • the screen went blank, and the sound is heard. the defect lies in the backlight system;
  • the appearance of spots is associated with mechanical stress;
  • vertical stripes form.

Breakdown reasons

If horizontal stripes appear on the TV screen, the cause of this phenomenon may be different. Only an expert will help to establish this exactly. But still, according to some signs, it is possible to determine the causes. White horizontal stripes appear due to a fault with a vertical scan, which is prevented by power surges. This defect may cause chip cracking.

Thin vertical stripes indicate damage to the matrix. It is also associated with voltage drops. If there are more bands, then the help of the master is required. Colored stripes characterize a matrix defect. Narrow black bars indicate problems with the decoder. If you do not remove the strip immediately, then over time the screen will go blank completely. And the repair price will be much higher.

Horizontal Strip Appears On LCD TV

If horizontal stripes of a multi-colored appearance appeared on the TV screen, as well as ripples, stains, then the cause of the defect may be the disconnection of the contact cable from the matrix. In this case, you need to re-solder the contacts. Often the problems are related to the malfunction of the motherboard. In plasma, this drawback appears due to the deterioration of the image control unit.

Strip protection

If horizontal stripes appear on the TV screen ("Samsung". manufacturer, or any other), the equipment must be repaired. But there are tips on how to prevent this:

  • Dust must not enter the TV. This can damage the matrix, which is due to overheating of the loop. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Moisture adversely affects the technique, as it leads to oxidation of the contacts, so a short circuit may occur.
  • Avoid mechanical damage to the TV. The equipment should not be on poor-quality brackets.

Screen repair

If horizontal stripes appear on the TV screen, then you must contact the workshop for the repair of such equipment. You should not do this work yourself, because without the necessary knowledge and skills you can only worsen the breakdown. And then restoration will be expensive.

Horizontal Strip Appears On LCD TV

The repair price, if the board burns out, is quite high, since a matrix replacement is required. Therefore, trusted companies need to trust the work, which guarantee quality.

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