Honor Band 4 Full Customization

Honor Band 5 instruction in Russian is a universal guide where the user will find answers to questions regarding the operation of the gadget. The product itself was presented in the summer of 2020, and tens of thousands of new and modern technology lovers from Russia purchased it. In this functional review, we created a selection of user advice, description of tools, product features.

Honor Band 4 Full Customization

How to check Honor Band 5 for originality

How to set up Honor Band 5: instruction in Russian

Adjusting the parameters and fully setting up the Honor Band 5 takes place in two ways:

  • the first is the creation of a device for personal needs, indicating personal parameters, rich functionality, response to all notifications;
  • the second is a more energy-saving mode with the absence of unnecessary notifications, but with the saving of the gadget’s charge.

In simpler words. when you set up a bracelet for yourself from scratch, I want to turn on all the functions and immediately so that it glows, responds, displays all notifications. However, in practice, you will have to leave the device relatively often on charge. The second option provides basic alerts, alarms, calls, emergency alerts, pedometer, heart rate. But at the same time, the charge is consumed several times less, and you have to charge less often.

The contact between the fitness tracker and the phone is via the Bluetooth channel, which must always be active.

  • fill in the personal information in the application;
  • write down the parameters of the body and the goal that you would like to achieve through regular exercise and activity.

What application to download

To activate the gadget and set up a notification, download the Huawei Health app on your smartphone. It provides an interface channel. That is what you need to use if you bought Honor Bend 5, but you have a different brand of phone: Xiomi, Samsung, Nomi, Nokia, Meizu and others.

This is professional software through which a schedule of training, nutrition, is built up, is the intensity of activity, fixes the route of movement around the city, controls your sleep, compares activity with individual indicators of the human body.

  • Go to Google Play or Play Store;
  • write in the search bar the name. Huawei Health or Huawei Health;
  • open and download;
  • install;
  • provide the requested permissions.

Important! When installing, the interface offers to read the terms of use, and click on the checkmark that you agree with them and will comply. We recommend that at the first start at least once fluently familiarize yourself with what the developer asks. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and optimize the software.

Video: Honor Band 4 Full Customization

Before pairing devices, you will need to charge the Honor Band 5.

If you have any questions or have complaints, let us know

Switch language

The default language is Chinese. This is obvious, because the device was made there. But when in contact with the phone, it is translated into the carrier language. most often it is Russian. But if this does not suit you, open the application, go to settings, select a different interface language.

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Time and Date Setting

This parameter can be adjusted directly in the main menu of the device. Almost always, the bracelet pulls up what the smartphone attached to it shows. But if this did not happen, do not rush to panic, and specify the date manually.

Setting up Honor Band 5 notifications

All notifications can be set up exclusively at Huawei Health. Open the program and go to the section of the same name. Further in it items of type will be presented:

  • Messages
  • Challenges
  • alarm clock;
  • social networks;
  • other programs, etc.

Opposite those lines where you need vibration alerts, move the slider to the active state.

Adding a watch face

To use the Honor Band 5 bracelet, there are four variations of the dial. classic hands, a digital version with time, date, day of the week and pedometer. It is also possible to display the calculation of calories burned.

The display itself is AMOLED type, and has protection against ingress of water and dust particles ip68.

Weather setting

This tool is regulated by pressing the touch button on the Honor Bend 5. On the phone, only enable permission to display the city in which you are located. So the weather forecast will be more correct.

Camera control

This feature only works on Huawei or Honor smartphones, and only in remote access.

Heart rate measurement

The classic setting that is available on all fitness trackers. It is here by default set on the screen. It is possible to measure it with one touch. On the inside there is a sensor that needs to be fastened as tightly as possible to the arm. After a couple of seconds, the measurement will end and the result will be displayed.

Note that in the tracker settings it is possible to set the frequency of measurements. Then he will measure the pulse during sleep, showing its phase.

Use temperature

It is heat-resistant, so it does not threaten steam or the negative effects of ambient temperatures.


Through the application, it is possible to reboot the device. Then his settings will be lost, and you will have to re-enter everything. But this does not affect the functionality and performance.

Does NFC work and how to use

Yes, an NFC module is provided, but it only works in China. Gadgets are delivered to Russia without it.

Is there a GPS and how to use

There is no integrated GPS module in this model. But developers and critics say that it will appear in the following models.

How to remove the Honor Band 5 strap

The core of the bracelet is wrapped around a silicone strap. It is mounted on the arm and restrains the device thanks to the plastic jumpers.

By default, the kit comes in black, but if you want to change the strap to another, there are options from a different material and a different color on sale.

How to charge Honor Band 5

To charge it, you need to get the gadget from the strap and plug it into the charging port. This can be done both through the classic charger unit for the phone, as well as through a PC or power bank. You do not need to turn on anything, because after charging the tracker will start by itself.

The process of recharging from scratch to a full battery takes a couple of hours. With passive use and minimal expenditure of energy, the charge lasts for two weeks. With increased activity. for a week or less.

How to untie Honor Band 5 from the phone

We go to the application and delete the Honor Bend 5 tracker there. It is also possible to completely erase the Huawei Health program, and then contact with the phone will be lost.

I have a 7x Honor phone, but I still could not find the camera control from the bracelet. There is no camera section in the Health app. Tell me how to connect the camera control from the bracelet.

Hello, it’s not possible to control the camera with a bracelet.

Sony Xperia phone, old, Android 4.3. I can not find huavei health in the play market.

Hello, try downloading from the Internet.

Why doesn’t Honor band 5 f 89 count steps? How to setup?

Hello, try resetting your settings.