Honor 8x Pros and Cons

I will express my opinion on the design of the Honor 8X, it is cool and thoughtful. We worked on his appearance and made several interesting accents, so that he stood out, it is noticeably not with armed eyes. Particularly pleased with the lack of logos in the front.

The sizes are standard for an average budget employee. this is a shovel like everyone else, with a huge display. In general, for me, these dimensions are slightly larger than allowed, since in my jeans pocket there is already a slight discomfort from the fact that the smartphone digs into my leg. You can use one hand if you really want to. The headphone jack is in place, it has not been removed and thanks for that and there is even a color notification indicator on top.

I used the smartphone for more than two weeks without any protection on the screen without glass, without a film, only with a complete silicone case, during this time he visited me everywhere and you will not find even the slightest scratch on the glass, here is not a single one. Metal along with the back panel was constantly protected, so nothing happened to them either, I remind you that the front and rear panels are not Gorilla Glass. Honor used local production in China, that is, ordinary tempered glass, which, however, perfectly retains the presentability of the gadget.

The only thing that has seriously suffered during this time of use is the plastic edging around the display, by the way, it is always under the silicone cover and, probably, was scratched from it, no matter how paradoxical it sounds, it is scratched right “into the trash”, there is no living place on it, and basically basically my smartphone is ideally, I did not check for falls, sorry.

What display does the Honor 8X have?

The display, as you noticed, is hefty 6.5 inches with Full HD resolution. This is an IPS matrix and it occupies 91% of the front area. How do you like that? And this is just an average budget smartphone. Here it is the standard from Honor, while there is no pixelation and the picture is smooth, the screen itself is very high quality, both in color reproduction and in viewing angles. White is even lighter than the Mi8 Lite and Redmi Note 5.

I think most of the questions are raised by this eyebrow. So, I have good news and can be hidden in the settings and black almost merges with it, it is very difficult to distinguish by eye. But the brightness range did not like that during the day, that at night it is a long illness of Honor smartphones. Therefore, there is still work. In low-cost Xiaomi, the latest generation of screens is superior in some parameters, including the brightness range.


Huawei mainly uses a proprietary processor. Yes, they have flaws, there are a lot of flaws, but recently they have become so technologically advanced, so advanced, so much so that Huawei has invested their money in them, the engineering idea that they are at least on par with Qualcomm processors, which all of you so love.

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Honor 8x Pros and Cons

What does the last Kirin 980 cost? Is it one of the first processors created by the 7 nanometer process technology in the mobile segment or the proprietary development of the GPU and CPU turbo that allows revealing to such an extent the processor cores and the Mali graphic component used in Kirin processors so that you can comfortably enjoy the latest game titles on the maximum schedule, without any loss in quality.

In general, I want to say that Kirin are excellent technological processors because they are created for themselves, for their own needs, for their own purposes, and the entire software part is optimized specifically for them.

Honor 8X has a Kirin 710 processor. This is a proprietary chip from Huawei as usual with Mali-G51 graphics. I have a minimum version of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, this is more than enough. Another plus in the piggy bank, the memory can be expanded, and the tray is triple and supports the installation of two SIM cards and flash drives at the same time.

Software part

It is worth noting that I have Chinese firmware and the Russian language here comes initially out of the box, but there are no Google Play services and frequencies B7, B20. 4G are not supported, just like NFS, it is also missing so that when buying on AliExpress check your operators for 4G and do not wait for Google Play support.

From the beginning, let’s start with a good one, there are no problems with the system initially Russian is present, Google Play is installed separately without problems, without any dances with a tambourine, and I also installed a bunch of applications and games using my smartphone to the maximum. The proprietary shell Emotion UI 8.2 is based on Android 8.1, it is well optimized, the animation is smooth and applications open quickly. The abundance of settings will please fans of customization, and ordinary users will discover many interesting chips.

Work autonomy

Does Honor 8X just have crazy battery life? 3750 milliamp hours. I had enough of it for at least a day and a half of active use of the Internet, communication, watching videos on 4G or Wi-Fi with the VPN turned on 6.5-7 hours of screen operation without problems and this is with a 6.5-inch display.

However, there is still one drawback. this is the lack of fast charging, it turns out to be around 2.5 hours to completely replenish the energy with a standard unit of 5 V 2A.

What about cameras?

The Honor 8X has three cameras available, like all modern smartphones 2 at the rear with a maximum aperture of 1.8 20 MP and 2 MP, as well as a selfie front camera for 16 with aperture 2.0.

The main dual module produces photos a little worse than Redmi Note 5, but this is noticeable only in low light. Slightly mistaken with exposure, detailing is worse and more noise with increasing. But in general, OK, but there is a special night mode that slightly corrects the situation, however, the photos in this case are too contrasting.

The front-line player has pleased me the most; it is better than Redmi Note. High-quality detailed selfies and it is possible to make portraits with a blurred background. The video is written in 4K, there is no digital or optical stabilization and the quality is not very good, in this regard they are not far behind Xiaomi.

Pros and Cons of Honor 8X

That’s all, make your own conclusions based on this review. Well, I’ll say this, Honor 8X is one of the best medium-budget smartphones at the moment, if I chose any phone up to 200, I would buy it, because it is thought out external, it has a huge display with thin frames.

Good powerful filling, good camera and excellent battery life. What else is needed for happiness, well, probably NFS, which will be delivered in a global smartphone, so you should not worry about it.

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