Honor 10 What Charge Connector

Which Honor 4c / 5a / 6a / 7a / 7c / 8x / 9/10/10 Light and Huawei y3 / p8 lite / nova 3 / p20 / p20 lite / p30 charging connector is a question that arises for smartphone users when buying a new one charger. Since some models are equipped with fast charging technology, and new phones even support wireless.

Honor 10 What Charge Connector

What are the charging connectors on Honor and Huawei phones?

Honor 10 What Charge Connector

The technical cable for most models is made with micro usb, for those who support Type-C or high-speed charge technology, USB-C is used. External differences are in port width. In order not to make a mistake when choosing, a selection of models and a view:

  • micro. 8x, y3, 10 light, 7s, 7a, 6a, 5a, 4s;
  • type C. Nova3, p20 lite, p20, p30, p8 lite, 10, Honor 9.

Honor 10 What Charge Connector

Micro is considered to be standard, such a decision was made in 2011 after a summit with the participation of top 11 companies in the mobile market. Advantages of the format:

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  • small size. 2×7 mm, compared with the predecessor Type-A is reduced by 4 times;
  • durable materials are used for the plug in comparison with competitors;
  • the theoretical data transfer rate is 480 Mbps, in fact in Full Speed ​​10-12 mode, which does not make drawbacks in use;
  • OTG mode support, depending on the gadget model.

What are USB cables for smartphones

Honor 10 What Charge Connector

What is the name of the charging connector for Honor and Huawei and what happens, such a request can often be found on the Internet. The main types of cable that are used for smartphones:

  1. Multitool. represents 2.0 on the one hand, and several plugs on the other, which allows you to charge up to 6 devices at the same time;
  2. Stretch. looks like a yoyo toy and allows you to use only the required length, at the end it is easily rolled up;
  3. OTG is the standard when you need to connect a smartphone to a printer or hard drive, micro is located on one side, on the other. 2.0;
  4. Type-C is the successor of micro usb, has a high data transfer speed and Quick Charge function.

Honor 10 What Charge Connector

The main advantages are the size. 8.4×2.6mm, information transfer speed. 10 GB. Depending on the type of usb that is used in the gadget, it will vary, for 3.1. 10 GB, for 3.0. 5 GB. Since charging is separate, the advantage is the ability to receive power both from the network and from a computer or a bank.

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