Honor 10 Does Water Protection

The Honor 10 smartphone has found a huge number of its fans thanks to a number of undoubted advantages. Manufacturers have put a lot of work into their brainchild, creating a unique device with an affordable price. Users note an amazing design, good performance, an excellent camera, to which in August 2018 they finally added stabilization, a powerful battery and interesting phone chips.

Honor 10 is created in a predominantly glass case, at the back there is a nano-coating that reflects light, a beautiful transfusion is created on the back cover. But if you look closely at the appearance of the smartphone, it becomes clear that there is no water protection on the Honor 10. Is it so important during operation?

Water tightness in device characteristics

If you look at the characteristics of smartphones, you can often find the IP00 parameter, where 00 is the numbers from 0 to 8. This means that the phone received a certificate of water protection. Some manufacturers are trying to reduce the cost of their product without sending it for testing with water. In the IP parameter, the first digit indicates the degree of dust protection, and the second digit indicates the level of protection against moisture.

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Honor 10 Does Water Protection

Digits from 0 to 8:

  • 0. the device is not protected even from splashes;
  • 1. vertically falling drops do not fall under the body;
  • 2. protection against vertically falling drops, as well as at an angle of 15 degrees;
  • 3. the device is able to withstand moisture that penetrates at an angle of 60 degrees;
  • 4. spray can penetrate at absolutely any angle;
  • 5. the possibility of penetration of water jets without fear of failure of the device;
  • 6. the device is protected from strong jets;
  • 7. the phone can be submerged for a short period of time;
  • 8. the device is not afraid of being in the water for a long time (usually up to 30 minutes).

Video: Honor 10 Does Water Protection

It is necessary to focus on such characteristics if water protection is one of the most important parameters that a telephone should have.

Water resistance in Honor 10

The Honor 10 smartphone does not have moisture protection. Was he badly affected by the lack of water resistance? The device can withstand light splashes that fall directly vertically. But it is important to avoid any penetration of moisture, the phone is very afraid of it. It is worth noting that, for example, the P20 smartphone has water protection, but the price of this phone is much higher. So which is better. low cost or protection against water? In addition, in the same P20, manufacturers removed the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, as in the popular iPhone 7. The creators chose to add moisture resistance to the detriment of the usual all-round jack. But before, phones were created that had a 3.5 mm jack and water resistance in parallel. For example, in the Sony Xperia Z, which was released already in 2013! So water protection to the detriment of the connector, to put it mildly, fairy tales. Also, for example, the iPhone 6 easily tolerates being in water for 10 seconds, which is enough to pull the device out of the water.

Is there any benefit from water protection?

By the way, phones that have a certificate of water protection are presented as if the device could literally be in the water around the clock, which is not true, but what tricks manufacturers do not go for the sake of advertising. In addition, when testing moisture protection, the devices are placed in an aquarium, where perfectly clean water. In domestic conditions, it is extremely difficult to find such water, which means that the function of water protection can in practice be useless.

The honor 10 smartphone lacks moisture protection. If water does get inside the gadget, then this will not be a guarantee case, since the device must be protected from moisture. By the way, in the modern world, this is not so difficult. For example, you can safely use a waterproof cover, which at least a little, but will prevent the ingress of moisture.