Home Playpen For Dogs

Home Playpen For Dogs
Home Playpen For Dogs

Home Playpen For Dogs
Home Playpen For Dogs

Cynologist experts say that a dog that was kept in any closed space (aviary, playpen) was better educated. If the apartment has dogs, and the area of ​​the dwelling allows you to select a corner, then you can deploy a home playpen for dogs and leave the pet there while the owners are outside the house.

Playpen for animals

They are easy to assemble, easy to install. Thanks to the lightened weight they move freely from place to place. Playpen for animals is performed in a square or close to it, without a bottom. The minimum possible size of the fence. 1.5 x 2 m. However, the more they are, the better the puppies will learn to defend the need in a certain place, and to spend time in games and in a dream. in another.

Playpens are made of metal or wood. Metal products consist of lattice sections assembled from thick rods. However, the device walls in the form of a fence increases the risk of injury to pets, also does not protect them from drafts. Alternatively, you can use laminated chipboard, it can be washed and disinfected, it will be difficult for the dog to catch the tooth on its smooth surface, it will not plant a splinter. It is best to connect the walls with a bar at the inner corners with the help of screws, and from above to strengthen with corners. The height of the walls should not be too high so that it is convenient for a person to step over it, but at the same time not too low for puppies – that is, about 70 cm.

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Little tricks

The arena for dogs is made resistant to mechanical stress, so that it can withstand the daily jumping of puppies on one wall. As a rule, the wall with the front door of the playpen suffers. It should be short. Under the door, it is desirable to have a threshold height of 10-18 cm. Then small puppies do not fall out, and the nursing bitch can move freely.

After the beginning of the feeding restriction period, the door can be blocked. A transparent Plexiglas door will allow the mother to see her puppies, and they will be able to observe the actions in the outer space. Equipping a rim facing the inside of the arena along all the walls at a height of up to 10 cm will allow the puppies to fit under it at those moments when they accidentally roll behind the mom and risk being damaged.


Translucent strong fabric is strung on a metal frame, and dogs can watch what is done outside. The arena of solid walls is good lack of drafts and is suitable for puppies and newborn puppies. No matter how the playpen is, it will always be mobile, so you can take it with a trip to nature, a summer cottage, by installing it directly on the grass.

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