Home iPad Mini 2 Button Replacement

A typical cause of damage on the iPad Mini. Home button. The main consequence that exposes her to failure. moisture inside. As a result of this, the microcircuit located underneath is oxidized, so when you click on it, the contact disappears.

However, damage caused by an impact is no less common. As a rule, the reason for this is a drop or a mechanical shock, as a result of which the contacts going to it are damaged. The circuit breaks the contact track, which conducts current. If necessary, it is replaced. If there are other reasons for which it stopped working, our experts will perform a free check of the device’s performance, and in a short time, quickly and efficiently eliminate any malfunctions associated with your Apple device.

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Home iPad Mini 2 Button Replacement

IPad Repair Cost

Important! The price of repair already includes the cost of spare parts and the cost of work.

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Home iPad Mini 2 Button Replacement

Home iPad Mini 4 Button Replacement Procedure

Video: Home iPad Mini 2 Button Replacement

How repair works:

  • 1Free diagnose brought-
    A device by you or our courier.
  • 2We make repairs, as well as give a guarantee for new installed parts. On average, repairs last 20-30 minutes.
  • 3Get a working device yourself or call our courier.

Only an experienced engineer can decide whether the Home key can be repaired by replacing certain components. As a rule, such a task does not imply its repair or soldering. An exception may be dusting. If the key is broken due to mechanical stress, the Home key itself has become unusable or the loop has failed because of the ingress of moisture inside. need replacement:

  • To replace the Home button in the iPad Mini, you need to disassemble the tablet. A hex screwdriver will help remove the faceplate and shield plate.
  • With a plastic spatula, the master disconnects the cable for the Home key.
  • Next, the process of removing the damaged part, installing a new one and collecting the device in the reverse order takes place.
  • Testing the tablet for performance completes the wizard.

Do-it-yourself iPad Mini repairs can harm the gadget

There are some users who think that they can fix the iPad Mini 3 and other models on their own. Replacing the Home button on the iPad Mini 2 Retina model in this case is risky. It should be understood that by their own unprofessional actions, they can damage work parts. For example, a screen. Then you need to change the screen. In this case, in addition to push-button replacement, they can affect the performance of other components. Given the high price range in which Apple tablets are sold, it is better to entrust iPad repair to highly qualified employees of our branches. After all, on the iPad Mini 1 it is quite difficult to make it, so let the pros do it.

In addition, the market is full of cheap gadget repair deals. But keep in mind that the cost of original parts is more expensive than the complex repair of “basement” specialists. Therefore, the quality of components that are installed on your device is not worth talking about. If you want the device to work for a long time, and all the procedures carried out are confirmed by a quality guarantee, contact the verified Apple tablet repair centers where you can change the Home button on the iPad Mini 2 Retina only to the original part.

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