Hisuite Can’t See Huawei Honor Phone

HiSuite does not see the phone. every second user of Huawei and Honor products faces such a problem. It’s not that the developer took care of this function poorly. There are many reasons, and depending on what prevents the phone from connecting to the computer, you need to solve this difficulty.

Hisuite Can't See Huawei Honor Phone

Why HiSuite does not see the device: reasons

Connecting a Huawei or Honor smartphone to a PC via the Hisuite channel is as follows:

  • connect your Huawei device to the USB connector;
  • then in the notification area a connection icon should be formed;
  • lower the curtain of the phone and click on the current connection;
  • the system will give out possible contact types, among them choose HiSuite;
  • after that, Windows prepares everything for the connection. installs the appropriate drivers on the new device;
  • upon completion of installation, go to the “Computer” section;
  • open a new drive;
  • run the installation file;
  • then all actions take place without user intervention. the HiSuite installer downloads the necessary components for synchronization and driver. Check the stability of your Internet connection.

Also, drivers can be downloaded separately on any source, but before that, make sure it is safe.

Hisuite Can't See Huawei Honor Phone

Next, both devices are ready for synchronization. However, it happens that at one stage the system displays a message that HiSuite does not see the Huawei phone, and the exchange of information becomes impossible. The problems are of the following types:

  • physical connection is not made. problems with the cable or socket, mechanical damage to the connecting components (if there is an error in the connection circuit, it says “Device is not connected” on the screen);
  • system error, lack of ability to install the necessary drivers;
  • lack of memory;
  • unknown OS errors.

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Please connect USB cable to your computer and open hisuite: what to do?

This problem is most common. If you see “Please connect USB cable to your computer and open HiSuite” on the screen, it means that there are problems with the cable. It either does not work at all, or leaves the connection process, which crashes the file synchronization process.

The solution to the difficulty is to replace the cable.

It’s rare that the nest is to blame for such an inscription, since the ports also wear out and become unusable. If you tried to connect several cables, but the HiSuite problem is not resolved, contact a service center to diagnose the USB port or phone jack.

HiSuite backup failed by phone manager

Such a system feature arises when a password has not been set when backing up files. The forums often describe such a problem, and here’s how to solve it:

  • try to make a new backup of the data (at least one photo or contact from the phone book);
  • set the password in the process;
  • in the new backup, take the info.xml file and copy it to the main folder with previously synchronized information;
  • after that you try a new recovery.

Hisuite is not installed: reasons and what to do?

There are several options that make installation difficult:

  • lack of memory;
  • incorrect driver installation;
  • Unknown error.

In the absence of free space for installing drivers, the system will not allow synchronization. Therefore, before the procedure, make sure that the PC has memory for new files. Incorrect driver installation is extremely rare, since basically their images are already recorded in the system, and only unpacking is in progress. But if this happened, try to remove the part that has already been installed, and try to synchronize from scratch.

Another obstacle is an unknown error. As a rule, these are just system bugs. The usual reboot and clearing of memory reserves from file junk helps here.

What to do if HiSuite was unable to connect to the server

Hisuite Can't See Huawei Honor Phone

If the device does not connect to the server, the error is most often in the operation of the server object itself. It may be overloaded at the moment, so it would be logical to try to synchronize data from the phone to the computer again after a while. As in any technical field, failures happen.

If there is no connection with the server, then the device not only does not transfer data, but does not restore the backup. Also check that the password you entered is correct when trying to recover.

If you have any questions or have complaints. please let us know

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