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One of the pressing issues on user forums “How to insert a SIM card in Honor.” Owners of the same name gadgets face a similar problem. Smartphones have many useful features. But the main task is unchanged. Mobile phones are required for calls and text messages. Without a SIM card, making a call will not work. New models are available in one piece. Previously, to insert a SIM card, it was first required to open the cover, remove the battery and place the device in a special slot. In modern gadgets, removing the protective panel is problematic. The developers came up with a new way to place a SIM card in the phone. To do this, use the key or paper clip that comes with the set. The slot is located near the lock button or on the opposite side.

What types of SIM cards are there?

For the gadget to function, you need to insert a subscription card. It is necessary to receive the services of a mobile operator. Make calls, write SMS messages and stay in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sims also provide a different number of megabytes and gigabytes for Internet access. Huawei works with the Android operating system. Like phones of other brands, they support several SIM cards. This is convenient for users, because you do not need to carry two phones. On one mobile, packages from two mobile operators can be connected. There are such cards:

  • standard with normal size for older phone models;
  • micro is much smaller than classical and is necessary for new devices;
  • nano designed for the latest versions of devices, look like a chip.

The device is selected depending on the phone model. Owners of ultranovye devices exchange the old card for a new one in the mobile operator’s department. Special adapters are also used for setting non-format sizes.

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How to open a SIM card slot with a key on Huawei and Honor?

Opening a SIM card slot in Huawei is quite simple. This will require a separate tool and one minute of time. Carefully study the filling of the box with the mobile Honor. In a separate pocket there is a small key. It will help open the entrance in seconds. First of all, find the location of the sim. Read the instructions or carefully inspect the gadget. Take a paper clip, put it in the hole and push it a little. The slot will automatically open. Remove it from the device and put the SIM on it. Insert the adapter back into the device. A paper clip is suitable for placing external memory. Use micro sd of varying amounts.

Hidden Features Honor 9 Light

How to insert a SIM card into Honor 7a / 8x / 9 Light / 10/10 Light / P20 Light?

Now we begin to place the SIM card directly in Android. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • open the tray on the device with the key;
  • slowly get it;
  • put the device on the adapter;
  • insert it into the phone.

Be careful! An incorrectly placed card may be stuck in the gadget. Having a similar problem? Use any thin tool. Use it to return the card to its place. Proceed slowly so as not to damage the parts of the device.

How to put a SIM card in the slot under the back cover?

Do you want to insert a SIM card in Huawei old model? To do this, you have to open the phone and get the battery. But before that, follow a series of steps:

  1. Disconnect the mobile by holding the “Lock” and “Home” buttons;
  2. Remove the back panel using any tool;
  3. Take out the battery;
  4. Place the plastic in the special connector correctly;
  5. Insert the battery in place and close the cover.

How to get a SIM card from Honor 10?

You need to remove the SIM from the phone in the same way. Read the instructions carefully. In case of a problem, use online communities and thematic sites. Here, users of the same name gadgets gather. Faced with various connectivity issues? Contact a service center for qualified assistance. Specialists will provide detailed guidance for using Smart Technologies.