Headphones Xiaomi Airdots Not Working Left Earphone

Following the success of Apple’s AirPods, other digital equipment makers tried to replicate this success. Today on the market you can find a device called Airdots, which resembles the development of Apple. Once again, the Chinese company Xiaomi copied the idea. But unfortunately, they did not get the same quality product. In this article, you will learn what to do if one of the Xiaomi Airdots headphones is not connected.

Features of Xiaomi Airdots Headphones

Xiaomi’s new headphones. Airdots are created in the image of the popular AirPods device. Which, in turn, inherited form from the French model of the unusual AirPod car. However, the Chinese device has an excellent compact style.

Have fully satisfying the needs of the average user specifications.

By the way, let’s take a look at them:

  • Support for the latest version of Bluetooth technology 5.0;
  • Their case has no flaws, such as plastic burrs and the like;
  • The main button has several functions to control;
  • Headphones can work up to 12 hours (with case);
  • Built-in DSP (noise suppression);
  • Built-in microphone for talking on the phone;
  • The weight of each earphone is 4.1 grams.

Each Airdots earphone has its own battery, which allows them to play music continuously for 4 hours. Or talk on the phone.

Why Wireless Airdots Don’t Work

Headphones from a Chinese manufacturer mostly buy online. Because of which there is no way to quickly contact support or even return a device that refuses to work stably. First of all, do not rush. You need to give yourself time to properly understand the work of Airdots. And although there are few buttons and functions in it, you can still do something wrong. The likelihood of headphones breaking should be considered last.

Airdots headphones, like another similar device, accept primary settings that are automatically generated. And later on they use them by default. If you did something wrong immediately after unpacking them, they won’t work until these settings are reset. After the reset, you will need to re-configure the headphones. But this must be done correctly. According to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Reset if one earphone does not connect

If you have problems turning on one of the headphones, the first thing to do is reset the settings. Or make a hard reset. This will allow you to reconfigure them and perform this action correctly.

Headphones Xiaomi Airdots Not Working Left Earphone

To perform a reset:

    Take both Airdots in both hands;

Reset to factory settings on the headphones is completed. Now you need to begin to configure them correctly. Both headphones must be placed in a case.

And wait until they light up in red. Now you can get them.

Proper setup of Airdots

It does not matter which of the headphones you are not connecting to is right or left. The principle of action must be the same. First you need to perform a Hard Reset. We have already done this. Now you need to configure the Airdots headphones. And this is nothing special, because after resetting you need to get them from the case. And, usually, the left earphone finds the right one. The problem is deeper. Since the incorrect setting of the headphones may be repeated periodically.

This is due to their malfunctioning, wrong internal software work. Most likely, in the next versions of this device, these shortcomings will be eliminated by the developers. And for now, all we can do is be patient. And restart them if the Airdots start to work incorrectly again. One of the headphones may stop working after the device is exhausted. When we turn it back on after recharging, only one of them works. You have to repeat the described steps to fix it.

Other Xiaomi device issues

One of the Airdots headphones does not connect. this is not all the malfunctions that the user may encounter. Sometimes while watching a movie on a mobile device, listening to music or a radio, both earphones stop working. In this case, a voice assistant (voice in chinese) This happens if you press the headphone buttons several times in random order.

The problem is also solved, as is the case with the failure of one of the headphones. Both devices need to be rebooted. This process is described above, so it makes no sense to repeat the actions that need to be performed to do this again. Make sure that the battery level of the headphones is sufficient for them to work. And put them in a case if recharging is needed.

Can I connect Airpods headphones one at a time

Like Apple, Aipods are able to work separately. This means that you can share music with a friend.

To connect one earphone to a second smartphone:

    You need to put the right earphone in the case, since it is the main one. And in all cases, the left is connected to the right. Or just put both earphones in a case;

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