Headphone Jack Iphone 6s Does Not Work

Earphones do not work in IPhone

A headset for an iPhone is always original and high-quality parts that can simplify your work with the device. The EarPods themselves and the connector for connecting them have excellent sound quality and are made of durable materials. However, sometimes users still encounter problems during operation. Below is a detailed description of the actions to be taken if the headphones on the iPhone do not work.

Why does the headset not work?

The malfunction may be due to software, hardware or mechanical causes:

  • The headphones may have broken, not the jack. Try connecting the headset to another Apple branded device and test their functionality. If the sound is still not reproducing well, replace the headphones;
  • The ingress of external elements into the connector. The stack for the headset is quite large, so with time dust particles and water can get into it. The connector should be cleaned regularly with a toothpick or thin tweezers;
  • Problems with the audio codec. incorrect operation of the microcircuit, which is responsible for all the elements that regulate sound reproduction in the phone. As a rule, a breakdown of the codec is also accompanied by poor performance of the auditory and spoken speakers;
  • Incorrect phone setup. This reason applies to users who have jailbroken. Try to remove tweaks that you are not using. If all else fails, restore your device to its original state;

No sound on the phone in headphone mode

Do not rule out the possibility of breakdown on the side of the operating system. Your connector may be in good working order. Before repairing, failures in the OS should be excluded. First of all, reboot your device and connect a headset (you can try to connect other headphones).

Video: Headphone Jack Iphone 6s Does Not Work

After cleaning the connector, change the phone settings. Previously, AirPlay could send audio to other speakers, rather than headphones. Check your AirPlay data. Press the corresponding key in the “Control Center” window. In the window that opens, click on “IPhone” then on “Finish”:

Now properly configure the Bluetooth options. The phone may have sent audio to another device using Bluetooth and AirPlay. Open the Control Center and click on the Bluetooth icon, then disconnect all established wireless connections.

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Upgrade the operating system to a newer version if the firmware version has arrived “over the air”. As a rule, developers release new builds to prevent bugs and crashes.

Change the connector yourself

If the previous methods did not help, you need to replace the iPhone headphone jack. You can perform this type of repair yourself within 30-50 minutes. To do this, you will need screwdrivers to disassemble the iPhone, spudzhera, tweezers, pick, suction cup and part of the new headphone jack.

Open the back cover of the phone, detach the cables from the motherboard, move the display to the side. Unfasten the speaker (bottom right). Remove the two screws to open the assembly of the Lightning connector.

Unfasten the antenna with a plastic spatula and remove it, gently grabbing with tweezers.

Headphone Jack Iphone 6s Does Not Work

Using forceps, remove the connector and replace it with a new part. After that you need to assemble the phone.

Replacing Audio Codec

In some cases, replacing the connector does not produce any results. This may indicate a breakdown of the main audio codec. If your iPhone has a long sound problem, you should replace the chip.

Headphone Jack Iphone 6s Does Not Work

Remove the system board from the device. The location of the codec is shown in the figure:

You can remove the codec by heating it. Use a special hair dryer and tongs. For a better view, you can take a magnifying glass.

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