Hard Reboot Meizu M3s

Resetting to factory settings (hard reset) on Meiza allows you to get rid of many malfunctions in the software, restore access to the mobile device when you lose the input password, or completely clear the device’s internal and external memory before selling. The specified procedure is integrated into the Flyme proprietary shell, so to activate it you do not need to install third-party software. Consider how to hard reset Meizu M3 Note or any other phone of this company.

Preparing for a full Meizu cleanup

Modern smartphones are used not only for communication between subscribers. They are full-fledged media devices, the memory of which often stores important information for the user (SMS messages, contacts, notes, photos, etc.). Therefore, before resetting all the settings, it is recommended to backup the system with all the data.

Like hard reset, backup to Meiza is also built into the OS and is done through standard settings:

  1. In the gadget menu, find the “About Phone” section.
  2. Select the tab “Memory”. “Backup”.
  3. Check the boxes for the items from which you want to save information, and then click “Start Copying.”
    Hard Reboot Meizu M3s

The backup process will begin, the duration of which will depend on the amount of processed data. After its completion, the backup file will be written to the backup folder on the root directory. It will need to be transferred to an external drive (for example, USB flash) or a computer.

Video: Hard Reboot Meizu M3s

Once backed up, you can reset to factory settings.

How to hard reset on Meizu?

You can run hard reset on Meizu M5 in two ways:

The first method is used when the phone is in good condition and the user has the opportunity to get into its settings. If the device constantly reboots or freezes on the Meizu logo, Recovery Mode will come to the rescue.

To activate hard reset procedure on Maize in the first way, you must:

  1. In the settings of the smartphone, select the section “Storage and backup”.
  2. Open “Reset to factory settings.”
  3. Start cleaning by clicking “Reset Settings”.

The same function can be found in the About phone section:

  1. Go to the specified location and select Storage.
  2. Click Factory data reset.
  3. Check Factory reset. If you additionally need to clean the external microSD card, check the box next to Format internal storage.
  4. Activate cleaning by tapping Start reset.

To reset a hung phone to the factory settings, you can use the Recovery Mode environment:

  1. Turn off the device completely and wait for all applications to complete their work.
  2. Hold down the Power and Volume Up keys simultaneously. When the Meizu welcome logo appears on the screen of your mobile device, release the power button. Hold the volume rocker until the smartphone enters recovery mode.
  3. Highlight Clear data by checking the corresponding box.
  4. Restore factory settings by clicking Start.
    Hard Reboot Meizu M3s

After all settings are reset, the gadget software will return to the state in which it was at the time of purchase. In the future, you can restore all or a certain part of the erased information using the previously created backup.

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