Gopro Session Differences Answers

Gopro Session Differences Answers

From time to time, looking for a gadget that can capture my bike trips, I found almost the only suitable option. On its “board” was the famous GoPro logo. This time a surprise awaited me. the creators decided to update the design and functionality of their camcorder for extreme sports. So, getting to know: GoPro Hero4 Session.

GoPro Hero4 Session Camcorder Review

Firstly, the device has not changed its purpose. it is still the same action-camera, designed for video shooting in the conditions of severe shaking and speed. Its scope is auto and motor sports, cycling competitions both on the highway and downhill from the mountains, water sports, skydiving, etc. I must say, the market is used to seeing its leader as a small gray box with a waterproof casing in the kit. But the time has come for a new design, and now we will enjoy the work of the GoPro Hero4 Session, which has already managed to win the title of the smallest action camera with “adult” functionality. Her black case is quite durable, obviously able to withstand shock loads. All faces of the rubberized case have a size of 35 mm, the weight of the device itself is only 74 g. And this is 40% lighter and 50% less than the corresponding parameters of the predecessor.

Buy GoPro Hero4 Session “It is already tempting” that some work on its maintenance can be performed at home. In particular, it is easy to replace the additional glass lens protection with special screws.

Two LEDs, located on the front and back of the case, not only give a certain “technical” charm to the camera, but also allow you to track the modes of its operation. Their simultaneous glow indicates that the device is either charging, or is in the process of recording video. The standby mode is determined by the flashing blue LED.

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For people with an active lifestyle, situations often arise when an outlet with 220V is far away. therefore manufacturer equipped the camera with a USB-microUSB cable, while the buyer should take care of the purchase of the charger (whether it’s car charging or regular). The cable supplied in the kit can be recharged from a PC or laptop. Near the power socket located slot for 64-bit microSD memory card. Both sockets are reliably protected by one cover.

Hardware buttons. In this model there are only a few, which greatly simplifies the management of the action camera compared to competing devices. The “Enter” button, which serves as the start button for starting video recording, is located on the top panel. In order for the camera to “understand” the start command, just press this key once. Interval video mode is activated when you hold the Enter key for 3-4 seconds. This function is pre-installed, during operation it can be programmatically changed.

The second hardware button is on the back of the case. It will help to display the necessary information on a small OLED monitor, and also use it to configure communication with a camera control device. a remote control or a smartphone. Also, this button allows you to make special marks on the video image to facilitate further editing of the video report. The principle of its use is understandable, however, to use it at the difficult moment of jumping through a moat on a bicycle (for example) or not is up to the owner. In any case, spontaneous pressing is not possible.

About camera mount. The delivery set contains two mounting platforms at once, different in height. They are designed for gluing on a work surface (previously cleaned of grease and dust, of course) using double-sided adhesive tape. You can use two mounting frames. In them, the camera is fixed with a special frame, the opening and closing of which occurs through the lever. To move it by chance does not work. Therefore, you can be sure that the camcorder will not fall out. Two separate holders effectively fix the angle of inclination and rotation.

Useful accessory. cover float, not allowing the action camera to drown if it is lost on the water.

Great news for those who have already acquired fixtures from another manufacturer. GoPro Hero4 Session is highly likely to be compatible with them.

The disadvantages of GoPro, identified in practice, include insufficiently good photo quality taken in poor lighting conditions. However, in the video, at the same level of illumination, no flaw (digital noise) was found.

As already written, settings are controlled by using the remote control or smartphone. In general, the action camera is fully consistent with the expectations of its owner.