Gopro Hero3 Black Edition How to Use the Program

Why do I need Quik Desktop? Where to download it?

Quik Desktop is a program for downloading to a computer, editing and publishing materials shot on a GoPro camera. Also, through Quik Desktop, you can update the firmware of your GoPro camera, Karma Grip stabilizer and other accessories. You can download the program here.

What are the minimum system requirements for Quik Desktop?

Gopro Hero3 Black Edition How to Use the Program

The minimum system requirements are given in this article.

Is there any Russian language in Quik Desktop?

The program interface immediately after installation will be in English. After some time, the program, if you have an Internet connection, will download the current version and ask for an update. After the update, the program language will automatically change to Russian.

Can I download media files to my computer from a GoPro camera without installing Quik Desktop?

Unfortunately, in the latest camera firmware, the manufacturer has disabled this feature. Quik Desktop is now required to download files to your computer. Or, if you have an SD adapter or card reader, you can remove the memory card from the camera and download files to the computer through the adapter.

Can I download materials from the camera to a computer without a cable or SD adapter using only Wi-Fi networks?

Unfortunately, at the moment this possibility does not exist.

Why can’t I manually select the path to install Quik Desktop?

Quik Desktop can only be installed on the disk where the operating system is installed, since the program needs to install important components in the system library for correct operation.

Can I control the camera or change its settings using Quik Dekstop in the same way as in the GoPro App for the phone?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to control the camera or change its settings through Quik Desktop.

Can I add videos or photos that weren’t shot with a GoPro camera to Quik Desktop?

You will not be able to add video or photos captured on a camera from another manufacturer to Quik Desktop. The program detects only source files from GoPro cameras.

Is it possible to sort files in a program not by date, but, for example, by file size? Can I create folders in a program?

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Unfortunately, there are no such opportunities. Files are sorted only by their creation date by the camera.

In which folder are the files downloaded to the computer from the camera stored?

Video: Gopro Hero3 Black Edition How to Use the Program

By default, imported media files are saved in the following folder: Windows. C: \ Users \ \ Images \ GoPro

Mac. / Users / / Images / GoPro

To get detailed information about the exact location of the file you need:

Click on the file with the right mouse button;
Select Show in Explorer.

Are media files moved to the trash when they are removed from Quik Desktop content?

Yes, if you delete files in Quik Desktop, they will also be deleted from the folder in which they were saved and automatically moved to the trash. Before deleting files, the program will ask you to confirm the action.

What social networks can I post videos from Quik Desktop to?

Videos can be shared on Facebook and YouTube. After selecting the desired social network, fill out the description for the video and follow the instructions.

How can I determine if there are HiLight tags in a video in Quik Desktop?

The presence of HiLight tags and their number can be determined by the small yellow flag located in the lower right corner of the video icon in the materials tab. When playing a video (Right-click on the video.> See) on the timeline you will see the exact location of the marks. they will be marked with a yellow dot on the timing. If you wish, you can add new tags or delete them altogether.

I added HiLight tags to Quik Desktop. Why can’t I see them in GoPro Studio?

To transfer HiLight tag information from Quik Desktop to GoPro Studio, you need to change the metadata of the video file. Unfortunately this is not possible.

If you added a HiLight tag to your GoPro camera during or after recording a video, these tags will appear in both Quik Desktop and GoPro Studio. But once you have moved the video file to your computer’s hard drive, you won’t be able to rewrite the metadata.

I install and run Quik Desktop on Windows, but the program greets me with a gray screen. there are no active buttons, I can’t import files. How to be

The problem is solved by changing the language of the Windows interface. In more detail. in this instruction.

I install and run Quik Desktop on Windows, but the program throws on the credential input screen when any action is performed (“eternal authorization”). What to do?

We described the solution to this malfunction in the next article.

How to update GoPro camera through Quik Desktop?

The update process will take you no more than 10 minutes. Read the instructions and get started!

What GoPro camera models can I upgrade through Quik Dekstop?

Gopro Hero3 Black Edition How to Use the Program

The following models can be updated through Quik Desktop:

HERO3: Silver Edition;
HERO3 Black Edition;
HERO Session;
HERO4: Silver Edition;
HERO4: Black Edition;
HERO5 Session;
HERO5 Black;
HERO6 Black;
GoPro Fusion HERO 2018;

If your model is not listed, read our article, which will help you update the camera manually.

Updating the camera through Quik Dekstop, and the update is stuck at 66%. What should I do?

The solution for this problem is given in this article.

My camera is not detected by Quik Desktop. What to do?

Read our article for Windows or Mac and follow the instructions.

I can’t update Karma Grip through the computer. Quik Desktop does not see the stabilizer. How to solve a problem?

Follow the recommendations in this article, and you can update your stabilizer very quickly.

Where can I find the user guide for Quik Desktop?

Manual in English can be found at this link.

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