Gopro Hero 3 Firmware Update

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Each camera comes with a basic set of software (software), which can be modified by the manufacturer after the release of the model. And many users would like to improve the characteristics and parameters of their GoPro. To do this, they began to use the so-called flashing. updating the basic or at some point already undergoing a software update. This allows you to equip the gadget with new features and capabilities. The developers of the company post the latest versions on the official website, from where, in fact, they can be taken.

Advantages of the latest firmware
If when you turn on the camera no numerical combinations are displayed, it means that your camera is the “carrier” of one of the very first GoPro Hero 3 firmwares. The previous version was 02.39. This firmware has the following advantages:

  • Through the GoPro App, you can view the footage right on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Improved image transmission via HDMI.
  • Fixed Time Lapse error at ½ and 1 second.
  • Improved microSD performance for recording up to 35 Mb / s in 2.7k and 4k modes, Protune mode (for GoPro HERO3 Black Edition).

How to find out the firmware version of a Gopro camera?

First you need to determine the version of the latest firmware of your camera (if you do not know or do not remember it). It’s very simple. the first digits, which appear on the display immediately after switching on (and then also quickly disappear), are the number of the latest version of the update. In her choice, it is necessary to focus on the recommendations of the developer regarding compatibility. Now we will explain. If you have basic firmware, and after it the manufacturer has already released several updated ones, and you are interested in the latest one, you need to find out if it needs to be installed in a consistent manner using every new update or if you can update the original basic one directly.

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Video: Gopro Hero 3 Firmware Update

Method for updating firmware using the GoPro Hero 3 White Edition camera as an example

The flashing process itself is not particularly difficult today. In order to do this yourself, you need a little understanding of the ongoing process, as well as following the clear instructions that are described on the official GoPro website (go to the Russian website). So, you already know the firmware version. The rest is simple.

Gopro Hero 3 Firmware Update
  • Enter the camera’s menu, delete all files. “format everything”. and clear the card.
  • Take one photo on the camera so that the necessary files are saved on the memory card.
  • Charge the camera to 100% and turn it off.
  • Remove the microSD card from the camera and insert it into the computer card reader.

We proceed to the action on the site:

  • Launch the page. the official website
  • Click on the “support” section and select “product updates” from the drop-down tab.
  • From the next layout, select your camera, in this case GoPro Hero 3, and immediately click on the “START UPDATE” button on the displayed window.
  • You will see a form for filling in personal data: the 15-digit serial number of the product, that is, your camera. You can see it on the side panel under the battery (battery), name, surname, email address, country of residence and consent to the newsletter of the company. Fill and click “next step”.
  • In this window we leave the default radio button and click “next step”.
  • Next, select a “name” for your camera, for example, “myGoPro”, then come up with a password for Wi-Fi, drive it in and confirm in the next line of request. Click “submit” (“I confirm all the data”).
  • Click on the “Download update” message that appears and download the update.
  • Open and unpack updates in the usual way, saving all the files on the same microSD card from your camera.
  • After saving the update files, remove the card and insert it back into the camera.
  • Now you need to turn on the device, and it will itself inform that the “updating” flashing has begun.
  • During the update process, the camera can turn off up to 4 times.
  • At the end of the flashing, the camera will begin to configure on Wi-Fi and will turn itself off, completing all the steps.
Gopro Hero 3 Firmware Update

That’s all. the new version is at your disposal.

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