Google Services Do Not Work On Android

Android is a wonderful operating system, but let’s admit: it doesn’t throw a fortress like it loves. Imagine the situation (alas, this is not difficult): take a smartphone on one wonderful Sunday morning, and there Google Play does not work, applications are not installed and are not updated. And it is not entirely clear how to live with this further. You googled, of course, but the search returned a heap of solutions. go and guess which one is right for you. No panic! Use our step-by-step instructions to resurrect Google Play or force a stubborn app to update.

Check your internet connection. It sounds corny, but first of all, you should make sure that everything is in order with the Internet connection, and also whether you have other services and sites open.

Check Google Play Availability. Quite rarely, but it happens that the problem is related to the operation of Google servers. You can find out if there were any failures in your country on the official website of the company. Additionally, you need to check the functionality of Google services using the DownDetector service. It logs failures very quickly, since the information comes directly from users.

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

Check VPN. If you are using a VPN, try temporarily disabling the service and accessing Google Play. If you do not have a VPN, then it will not be superfluous to try the reverse action, even if according to the Google map in your country there are no problems. An example of a free VPN service is Tunnel Bear. But you need to take care of the availability of such a program on your smartphone in advance, or you will have to install the application manually from the apk file.

Check date and time. When you first set up a new gadget without a SIM card, the date and time may not be set correctly. Check and, if necessary, set the correct values.

If you have root access and problems with Google Play arose after manipulations requiring superuser rights, then you most likely damaged the OS system files. In this case, we recommend that you restore the backup or reflash the gadget.

The methods described above did not help. What to do next?

If none of the tips above fits, then the problem lies inside your smartphone. Let’s deal with her. Two dozen solutions are listed below. Do not worry, you are unlikely to need more than one or more of them. Which (or which) exactly. depends on the error code that the stubborn Google Play produces.

So what you need to do:

  • Open the table.
  • Rows of the table contain error numbers, columns. methods for their correction.
  • Find the line with your error code.
  • Highlighted cells indicate suitable solutions.
  • The specific actions that need to be performed for each of the methods are described in this article below.
  • Apply the first method. Check if the error has been fixed. If not, continue to the next method. If so, your problem has been resolved.
  • Most methods can be used without root privileges. In the table they are marked in green.
  • Some methods require root. In the table they are marked in yellow.
  • If none of the methods help, look for a solution on our forum. The error codes in the table contain links that lead to comments on the topic.
  • In those rare cases when both private and general methods have been useless, all that remains is to reset the smartphone or tablet to the factory settings.

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

Ways to solve problems

1. Deleting application files. Using any file manager, go to the directory / Android / data in the internal memory of the smartphone and delete the application folder whose update causes an error. Also, for the presence of files of the problem program, you need to check the data folder in the internal memory.

Delete application files (root). Delete the folder of the application causing the problem from the directory / system / app.

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

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2. Removing the ASEC file (root). Delete the file named smd2tmp1, located along the path / mnt / secure / asec or / mnt / asec. If there is no file with the same name in the indicated directories, then the error was caused by something else.

3. Change the time zone of the router. Check in your router settings if the time zone is set correctly. If not, install the correct one.

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

4. Removing applications. Delete some old or unused applications or files from the device’s internal memory.

In case of error 505: install Lucky Patcher to find out which of the existing programs conflicts with the application that you are trying to install. You can also resort to advice on using Lucky Patcher from our forum.

5. Disabling antivirus. This solution method is associated with the appearance of 25/26 errors among users of some MIUI firmware. To fix the problem, you must disable the built-in antivirus. If the error persists, you should use the program installation from the apk file.

6. Remounting a memory card. Just remove the memory card and reinsert it into the gadget. Be sure to unmount the card before removing it from a working machine. This function is located in the "Settings" | "Memory". Failure to comply with this rule is fraught with file system errors.

7. Using a different connection. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, try connecting to the Internet via a cellular network and perform the desired action again. If you are connected via a cellular network, respectively, try connecting to Wi-Fi.

You can also remove the access point (APN) to access the Internet via the cellular network and restart the gadget.

In the common AOSP firmware: “Settings” | Wireless Networks | "Advanced" | Mobile Networks | "Access Points." In Samsung, you can change the access point in the Settings menu | Connections | Mobile Networks | "Access Points."

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

8. Reinstalling the application. If an error occurred while trying to update the application, uninstall and then reinstall the program from Google Play.

9. Restoring a preinstalled browser. Turn on the browser preinstalled in your firmware if it was disabled through the device’s settings, or reinstall it if it was deleted using superuser rights.

10. Clearing the cache partition. Reboot the device in recovery mode (you can find out how to do this in the topic devoted to the discussion or firmware of your device) and clear the cache section by selecting the Wipe cache partition menu item.

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

11. Transfer cache to memory card (root). This method of solving problems with Google Play is suitable for smartphones with a small amount of memory and, as a result, a cache section. Install Terminal Emulator on the device and execute the following commands in order:

mv download download.bak

ln.s / mnt / sdcard / mcache download

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

13, 14, 15. Clearing the cache and data of Google applications. Another common way to solve many problems is to clear the caches of pre-installed Google services. Open your smartphone’s settings and go to the “Applications” section. In the list, select the desired item (“Google Play Store”, “Google Play Services” or Google Services Framework) and click the “Clear data” button (if available) or “Clear cache”. To access the Google Services Framework, you need to click the "Menu" button in the list of installed programs and enable the display of system applications. In some shells, such as Samsung Experience, the cache and data reset buttons are located in the “Memory” subsection.

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

17. Clearing the Google Play Search Cache. Open Google Play and go to the application settings from the sidebar. Click on "Clear search history."

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

18. Deleting and adding a Google account. This method is quite radical. Using it, you risk losing progress in games and settings in applications that do not store data in the cloud. Therefore, we advise you to use other methods before moving on to it.
The bottom line is to delete and then re-add your Google Account. To do this, open the gadget’s settings, find the “Accounts” section in them, and then select the account you need and delete it.

Google Services Do Not Work On Android

Now you can reopen Google Play, which will prompt you to log in again.

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