Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

“How do I stream DVDs from my computer to my TV using Chromecast?”

If you like to watch movies, videos and other content on a large TV screen, then Google Chromecast. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways. This Google device makes it easy to stream content from your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, and Chromebook. Using this device, you can directly broadcast the screen without transferring files. Therefore, if you do not have a DVD player, you can cast DVD to Chromecast and watch the video on the TV screen.

Part 1. How to cast DVD to TV via Chromecast

In order to transfer DVD to Chromecast, First, you need to convert the DVD files to supported Chromecast formats, such as MP4, WebM and others. Before talking about the broadcast process, it is important to know the details about this device.

Google Chromecast This is a device that connects to the HDMI port of your TV and allows you to broadcast shows, games, movies and other content. The device is compatible with iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets based on Android, Windows PC, Mac and Chromebook. After connecting Chromecast, your devices work like a remote control and allow you to control your TV from anywhere in the house. The device allows you to broadcast through all popular applications, including such big names as YouTube, Netflix, WatchESPN, Google Play, HBO GO, Pandora and others. Chromecast allows you to stream local files with the Google Cast browser extension, but does not directly support DVDs. Thus, in order to broadcast the disc, you first need to convert DVD to the formats supported by the device.

What you need before casting a DVD to your TV via Chromecast:

Before you start DVD playback from your laptop via Chromecast, take the following necessary steps to prevent any troubles.

  • Google Chromecast device.
  • DVD that you want to broadcast on TV
  • The TV on which you want to broadcast your DVD.
  • A PC with software installed to convert your DVDs to supported Chromecast formats.

Watch the video tutorial on casting videos to TV on Windows

Step-by-step instructions on how to stream DVD to TV from PC via Chromecast:

Step 1 Open the Wondershare DVD to TV Converter and download the DVD files.

Launch UniConverter on your PC. Then you need to insert the desired DVD, add the DVD files to the main window and select Download DVD on the Conversion tab. Select the inserted DVD and files from the drop-down menu. If your DVD files are already present on your PC, add them by clicking Add Files.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

Step 2 Select a compatible Chromecast format.

After adding the files, convert them to a compatible with Chromecast format. From the drop-down menu next to Convert all files to: select WebM as the output format and the corresponding resolution on the Video tab.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

Step 3 Convert DVD to Chromecast format.

In the Output file tab, select the location on the PC where you want to save the converted DVD files. Click Convert All to start the process of converting DVD files.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

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Step 4 Open Media Server in Wondershare.

Next, to stream DVD to Chromecast, select the Tools tab in the main program window and select the Stream to TV option. A separate Wondershare Media Server window opens.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

Video: Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

Step 5 Connect your Chromecast to your PC and select the connected device.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

Step 6 Import and stream the DVD to your Chromecast.

Now you need to select the files that you want to broadcast to the TV. Click the Import button in the Media Server window and add the converted files from your PC. Alternatively, you can also click the Convert tab on the left sidebar to watch the converted videos.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

Finally, to translate the converted DVD files to the TV, hover over the video, an icon similar to WiFi will appear in the center. Click on the icon and the video will start broadcasting on your TV.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

Use Chromecast to stream DVDs from your laptop with Wondershare UniConverter and enjoy continuous streaming.

Part 2. Where to find Chromecast or alternatives to Chromecast

Digital media players have reached a whole new level with the launch of various multimedia streaming devices. Google Chromecast is undoubtedly the best in its category, but there are other good alternatives to this device. Here is some of them. Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV and others. If Chromecast isn’t available in your area, or if you plan to use alternatives for any reason, the information below will be helpful.

1. Google Chromecast

Product from Google, Chromecast. This is a great multimedia streaming device that allows you to transfer various media files to your TV from a PC, smartphone, Chromebook and other devices. The device supports many applications, including YouTube, Netflix and many others. Chromecast also supports online updates without any applications or drivers.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

2. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick. This is a powerful multimedia streaming device that comes with a remote control with voice control, power and volume buttons. The device with a power cord simply plugs into the back of the TV or offers a lot of free settings. A huge collection of free and paid channels is also attached to the device. You can enjoy original TV shows, films, news, sports and other content.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

3. Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB

IOS devices were popular among tech-savvy people, and Apple TV is no exception. The device developed by Apple Inc works as a digital media player and micro-console. Apple TV makes it easy to receive digital data from various sources, and then transfers it to a working TV. The device is compatible with HDMI sources and can only be controlled externally, since it does not have built-in controls. Additional features include high-quality video 1080o HD, A8 chip, Siri remote with voice search, surround sound Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 and others.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

4. Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick. it is a plug-in device with an HDMI port that offers many of the features and capabilities of a large Fire TV. With this device you get access to a huge amount of content from channels and popular applications such as Hulu, HBO, Netflix, Prime Video and others. You can launch as well as control content using Alexa Voice Remote.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

5. Samsung All-Share Cast Hub

Samsung All-Share Cast Hub lets you mirror the screen of your device on your HDTV. This multimedia streaming device, in addition to streaming files from a tablet or smartphone, also allows you to broadcast presentations on official devices. Your device requires a Samsung-supported device, such as a smartphone or tablet. A WiFi connection or an HDMI cable can be used to stream media to an HDTV.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

6. PiCast

If you want to use an alternative to open source streaming media devices, then PiCast. good choice. For this method to work, you will need a Raspberry Pi, which must be configured. PiCast can be used with multiple platforms, it uses an Ethernet connection and is therefore very reliable. The PiCast app is regularly updated to add the latest features. The Raspberry Pi3 Starter Kit includes a 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Pi3 Processor Model B, 1 GB of RAM, and Bluetooth and WiFi.

Google Chromecast Iphone Broadcast

Cast DVD to Chromecast with Wondershare UniConverter, converting it to a Chromecast compatible format.

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