Glowing Apple On Iphone 6 Does Not Turn On

Apple manufacturer of modern gadgets. The products of this company are known worldwide. She is distinguished by her quality. But "apple" phones are imperfect. They still remain the most common technique. Therefore, sometimes people think about why the iPhone does not turn on (the apple is burning. And that’s it). Below we will consider the most common scenarios. In addition, we will be able to understand how to act under certain circumstances.

Glowing Apple On Iphone 6 Does Not Turn On

The causes of all the problems

First, let’s try to understand why the iPhone does not turn on. The apple just burns, and after that the device is completely turned off? This process is called cyclic reboot.

It can occur for the following reasons:

  • unsuccessful firmware;
  • removal problems "jailbreak";
  • breakdown of power circuits;
  • battery malfunction;
  • problems with the motherboard of the phone;
  • viruses;
  • lack of charge on the phone;
  • Too low or high temperature;
  • external damage to the device.

In addition, if the iPhone does not turn on (the apple burns and nothing else happens), the reason may be hiding in a normal system failure. What to do under certain circumstances? How to make the device work again in normal mode?

Glowing Apple On Iphone 6 Does Not Turn On

Firmware and Hacks

IPhone does not turn on? Is the apple burning and the screen goes blank?

Often a similar phenomenon occurs when trying to break into a device. That is, when removing "jailbreak" or during self-firmware.

As a rule, simply attributing "apple" smartphone to the service center. They will quickly help you fix the problems. Even if the wizard did not cope with the task, the iPhone will have to be abandoned. To a part, this does not happen so often. And in service centers they will really help restore the device after an unsuccessful removal "jailbreak".

Battery charge

IPhone does not turn on? Is the apple burning and then goes out? This phenomenon is very common.

In some cases, you can do without any serious action. For example, if the battery has low power, the smartphone will not turn on. It will either be completely discharged, or it will display an Apple image on the screen, and then go out.

Glowing Apple On Iphone 6 Does Not Turn On

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  • connect the iPhone to USB and to the computer, wait a while (up to half an hour) and try to turn it on again;
  • connect the device to the network via the charger, after repeating after that the start of work with the device.

Often after connecting "apple" phone to the charger, you have to wait a bit. As soon as the battery has enough charge to start working, at the command of the user, the smartphone will turn on.

Temperature jumps

The external environment can also affect the performance of gadgets. Do you have an iPhone 5? Is the apple burning and the device itself does not turn on?

Video: Glowing Apple On Iphone 6 Does Not Turn On

It is necessary to check whether the temperature standards are observed. If the device is from "Apple" located at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, the company can not guarantee the stable operation of the iPhone. When the gadget stays for a long time in an atmosphere with a temperature of 20 degrees, its inclusion may not occur at all.

Overheating the device also causes a lot of trouble. IPhone does not turn on? Does the black screen turn on and then turn off? It is possible that the device just overheated. For example, with long-term exposure to the sun.

To act in such circumstances should be as follows. Leave the phone at rest in normal temperature for about 20-25 minutes. After that, try to turn on the device again. Once the temperature regime is restored, the performance will improve.

Without cydia

IPhone does not turn on? Is the apple burning and going out? Do not panic. After all, it is sometimes easier to correct the situation than it seems.

For example, you can perform an emergency reboot and turn on the device in the mode without loading Cydia. This will require:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press the volume up button.
  3. Press the power button.

If nothing happened, you have to delete "jailbreak". And better. reflash device. When you turn on the device without Cydia will have to be deleted "jailbreak"Tweak. It is necessary to remove initialized programs one by one, starting with the newest. And thus performance "apple" The phone will be restored.


IPhone does not turn on? Is an apple burning and nothing more? You can try to restore the operating system. This technique helps to get rid of the bulk of system failures.

IPhone does not turn on? Is the apple burning? What to do? Required:

  1. Turn on iTunes on your computer.
  2. Connect the phone to the PC via USB.
  3. Click on the "Home" and on the button "Nutrition".
  4. Keep the keys pressed for about 10 seconds.
  5. Release button "Nutrition".
  6. Squeeze control "Home"as soon as iTunes detects iPhone in recovery mode.
  7. Press the button "Recover iPhone. ".
  8. Click on "Further".
  9. Click on "I accept".
  10. Wait until the recovery of the operating system.

As soon as all of the listed actions are behind, you just have to turn on the phone and configure it for the first work with the system. There is nothing difficult or incomprehensible in this.

Glowing Apple On Iphone 6 Does Not Turn On

Technical difficulites

IPhone does not turn on? Is an apple burning and nothing more? This is a very common occurrence. Sometimes it is associated with hardware failures. Diagnosing them can be difficult.

If you suspect that the iPhone itself is faulty, you just need to take it to a service center. Only there will they be able to confirm or refute the theory.

If it will be possible to replace any failed elements "apple" phone, in service centers will offer the corresponding service. In some cases, you have to buy a new smartphone.

What often breaks down on "apple" devices? For instance:

  • button "Nutrition";
  • motherboard;
  • charge controllers;
  • battery.

As a rule, in these situations, buying a new phone is not needed. The listed components can be repaired for a moderate fee. This is a normal occurrence.

Tips for Apple Product Owners

We found out why the iPhone does not turn on (the apple just burns). And how to fix these or other problems. too. In fact, everything is simpler than it seems.

Often, all problems are solved either by restoring the iPhone, or rebooting the device. If all this does not help, you will have to contact the service center.

Glowing Apple On Iphone 6 Does Not Turn On

What tips can be given to users in order not to run into problems turning on an iPhone? For instance:

  • Install only licensed applications
  • Do not reflash or crack the phone yourself;
  • use antivirus software for the iPhone;
  • Follow the recommendations on charging and discharging the device;
  • Do not overheat or overcool the device;
  • timely clean smartphone from old applications.

All this really helps to avoid failures and malfunctions when working with the iPhone. It is advisable to avoid damage and fall of the phone and not to store the device in too wet places.

IPhone does not turn on? Does a black screen appear and that’s it? Now it’s easy to fix the situation!

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