Galaxy S8 Talk Notifications

Galaxy S8 Talk Notifications

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Review Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Duos 64GB Gold G955FD (UA UCRF)

Even faster, more powerful and more modern became Samsung G955FD Galaxy S8 Plus Duos 64GB Gold (UA UCRF). a new device in the line of smartphones Samsung. It is designed taking into account all the latest developments and is designed to efficiently perform many different tasks. The gadget is literally crammed with innovation to failure.

You can buy Samsung G955FD Galaxy S8 Plus Duos 64GB Gold (UA UCRF) instantly seduced by such equipment of this model, even despite the fact that the price is far from budgetary.

This smartphone model is not in vain called the flagship, because it means that the device is the best of the best. And this is absolutely not without reason. The prefix “Plus” in its name speaks of an improved modification: the widest screen. 6, 2 inches, the display space is used up to the maximum. it occupies 83 percent, the home button is built-in under the screen, the fingerprint and iris scanner is located on the rear panel , comes with branded headphones from Harman, implemented the function of a personal voice assistant.

Many users, bloggers and people interested in technology, say that this smartphone is a real breakthrough.

Samsung G955FD Galaxy S8 Plus Duos 64GB Gold (UA UCRF) reviews

It works without lags and hangs. Quickly responds to assigned tasks. And all this happens thanks to the 8-core processor and 4 GB of RAM;

Charges quickly and holds a charge for a long time. Its battery capacity is 3500 mAh. It is completed with wireless charging;

It works directly from two SIM cards, while ensuring high quality reception. Switching between operators occurs without delay;

Good speaker. During the conversation, the interlocutor is well audible, a sense of presence is created;

Excellent color rendering. Super AMOLED-screen with a resolution of 1440×2960 ​​pixels recognizes 16.7 million colors;

It is convenient to use with one hand, and this despite the dimensions of 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm and a widescreen screen;

A large amount of internal memory, it is 64 GB. Even more options for storing personal information;

It is possible to shoot underwater. The camera has the following characteristics: 12 megapixel main and 8 megapixel front. Takes 16 frames per second;

The unusual frameless design of the Samsung G955FD Galaxy S8 Plus Duos 64GB Gold (UA UCRF) distinguishes it from other smartphones, the golden color of the case makes the device noticeable and exclusive.