Frisbee For Dogs

Summer expanse is over, and responsible dog owners think about what to keep a pet on walks in the autumn thaw, and then in the middle of deep snow drifts? We can safely say that autumn and winter is the best time for active games with the dog, because you do not need to fear that the animal is overheating. A better game with a dog than a frisbee, you will not find.

Frisbee For Dogs

What is frisbee?

The name of the game was given by the toy itself, because “frisbee” is a flying disc that makes a rather long distance above the ground when it is thrown. American Walter Frederick Morrison invented it in the 40s of the 20th century, and soon the disc began to be produced under the brand name Pluto Platter by Wham-O in San Gabriel.

The case remained for small – the popularization of the new game. At this time, students at Yale University were very fond of having fun, throwing at each other tin molds for the Frisbie Pie Company pies, which they called simply Frisbees.

The manufacturers of the flying disks decided to rename their products by changing one letter so that no complaints would arise against them. The marketing ploy proved to be unmistakable, and soon the game of plastic frisbee discs became very popular in America, and then around the world.

When did dog frisbee appear?

The first dog, on August 4, 1974, brilliantly demonstrated his ability to catch a disc to the public, became Ashley. True, the performance ended in a scandal, because it happened during a break in a sports match at a stadium in Los Angeles without permission.

Whippe’s owner Alex Stein was even arrested. However, the audience met Ashley’s performance with applause, because, despite the excitement in front of a crowd of people, the dog showed a speed of about 56 km / h and jumps to a height of 2.7 meters.

Among the public was Irv Lander, who was so overwhelmed by Ashley’s skill and the reaction of people that he paid bail for Alex and was released from prison. Learning from Stein the main ways of teaching dogs to play frisbee, Irv began to actively develop and promote a new sport.

A year later, the first Frisbee dog championship "Lander Cup" started. Now such competitions are held with great success around the world.

Special disc for dogs

How to teach a dog to play with frisbee? To catch discs as good as Ashley, you and your dog will need, above all, the disc itself. You should not buy any projectile, and specifically designed for dogs. The frisbee plate should be made of high quality plastic and coated with non-toxic paint.

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Manufacturers produce dog frisbees not only of various colors, but also from material of different hardness. For the beginning of training and for puppies during the period of changing teeth soft disks are suitable – firstly, there is no risk to damage the teeth when the dog catches frisbee all over the summer, secondly, such a disc flies slower than the standard one and therefore it is easier to catch.

It is important to note that before starting a dog-frisbee training, your dog needs to know and perfectly execute the basic commands “to me”, “aport” and “give”.

Learning by yourself

Let’s say you bought a great disk. Good. But no matter how much you want to quickly play a frisbee with a dog, you first need to practice a little yourself, because a lot depends on your ability to throw correctly.

Learning to send a frisbee to fly at different distances and heights is not difficult, but if difficulties still arise, then learn the techniques of throwing with the help of special video tutorials that can be found on the Internet. Practice first without a dog – she need not see that the owner, it turns out, is able and knows not everything in the world.

Encourage love to frisbee

While you are practicing the technique of the game, start gradually accustom the dog to a new subject for it. In order to drive a frisbee to a pet only positive emotions, put inside a treat and treat the dog in this way.

Win-win is to replace a bowl for food with a disc. After you notice that when you see a colored disc on the dog’s face, a joyful expression appears, you can start learning.

Frisbee: the stages of training dogs

There are a lot of methods for frisbee training, and we will not dwell on each of them, but only briefly outline the main stages and skills that a dog should get at the end of each of them. If you are interested in this topic, you can easily find more detailed manuals or work with an instructor.

When training, it is very important to show love and patience, not to skip a single stage and move on to the next, only by thoroughly consolidating the skills acquired in the previous one.

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Stage 1. Tease toy

The dog must understand that the disk is the prey to be caught. Tease the frisbee dog a little, and as soon as he grabs it with his teeth, encourage him with a treat. Move the disc from side to side and praise the dog when it starts running, trying to catch the toy in your hands.

Frisbee For Dogs

Gradually accelerate the movement, and each time the dog grabs the disk, treat him with a treat. It is advisable to immediately accompany the game with some team, on which the dog will then grab the disc. At home, continue to treat your pet with a frisbee treat (like a regular dish).

Stage 2. Harassment

Begin low throws by moving your hand at a low altitude. We always direct the disc away from the dog, and in no case on it. We encourage the dog when it runs after the disc and tries to catch it with its mouth.

\ Keep in mind, now it will not work for her and it is impossible to demand it. We encourage only the pursuit! Some special cunning ones try to knock off frisbees with their breasts or paws – we leave such tricks without encouragement, no matter how funny it looks.

Stage 3. Put the frisbee on the edge

Now we need to teach the dog to properly catch a moving disk – jaws by the edge. For this we will use the movement, which professionals call “roll”, when the disk does not fly, but rolls along the ground. For training, choose a flat platform, put the frisbee on the edge and push forward.

The dog will first knock the disk with paws. If this happens, see what happens next. The dog will try to lift the disk with his teeth at its center, scrape with paws, push with the nose.

Naturally, nothing will come of it, but if the dog showed persistence and still managed to make the only right move and grabbed the disc by the edge, show great joy and treat the dog. If the dog has lost interest, try again.

Stage 4. Teach the dog to run forward

This is one of the most important stages in learning. If the dog starts moving right away, as soon as you send the disc in flight, it will not have time to catch a frisbee – the speed is too high, and the animal needs time to accelerate. Therefore, it is necessary to give the dog some handicap, that is, to teach it before you throw the disc, to run forward in the direction of the throw.

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How to teach this? To do this, move the disc behind your back from one hand to the other so that the dog goes around you. In this case, use any command, for example, "Go around"! As soon as the dog has bypassed you, perform a roll roll not far from you.

As soon as the dog grasps the disc rolling on the ground, encourage it. Continue training, increasing the distance, until the dog understands: with the command you need to go around you and run straight ahead to catch the disc.

Stage 5. Throwing up

We start to throw the disc up low. To simplify the task of the dog, you can squat down – from this position, the projectile will not fly high. We encourage your pet for every successful attempt to catch him and gradually increase the distance.

At this stage, the main thing is not to hurry: the more often the dog will succeed, the more excitement the game will cause.

What does a frisbee do?

With a certain patience, and a full course of training is approximately two months, your dog will be able to shine at dog-frisbee competitions, for which it is simply impossible to watch without admiration.

What only somersaults do not write out in the air dogs of various sizes and breeds, but they are completely mongrel to catch the disc! And most importantly, what a pleasure it gives them!

It is believed that the most significant successes in catching frisbee can be achieved by moving, flexible and playful breeds of dogs. For example, Border Collie, Sheltie, Jack Russell Terrier. Excellent job with learning Labradors.

To enumerate, in principle, can be a long time – remember that in this sport it is not so much the muscles that matter, but the ease and excitement. Ordinary mongrels and mestizos appear in dog frisbee no worse than the famous congeners.

And of course, the general physical training of your pet is important. You should not train a dog with arthritis or problems with the spine. But even if you are not going to compete with your dog at competitions, the joy of playing together is guaranteed to both of you.

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