Frisbee For Dogs – Plate, How To Choose, Training

Dogs need physical activity in order to throw out the accumulated energy and remain in good physical shape.

A great exercise on the walk, contributing to the achievement of the above objectives, is a game called Frisbee for dogs.

What is the game?

In translation, the word "frisbee" means "bee." In fact, the game consists in catching a plastic plate with a dog, which was launched by the owner into the air. The owner launches a disk into the air, and the pet, expressing a greater degree of excitement, catches the object on the fly and returns it to the owner.

The dog shows excellent physical training, interest and excitement, and the owner demonstrates the ability to correctly calculate the flight path and interest. The owner and the dog turn into a well-coordinated team with a great desire to defeat rivals.

This kind of training and games originated in the USA at the end of the 20th century, then it began to be used in Europe. Frisbee can be practiced with any breed, the main criteria are: activity, lack of contraindications for jumping, and age over fifteen months, since the ligaments should grow stronger.

What skills does a dog demonstrate while playing?

From the side it seems that there is nothing difficult in the game, in fact, in the process of catching a disc, the dog demonstrates a whole set of commands and skills:

  • The command "to me" shows the ability of the dog to obey the owner;
  • The “aport” command is key, after its sounding the dog rushes to the pursuit of the disk (and a demonstration of great excitement during the execution is necessary);
  • The command "give" provides a return;
  • The dog shows good exposure during the throw of the plate and its return;
  • Jump height;
  • The skill of jumping from the back or leg of the master.
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What gives the game

The plate flies along an incomprehensible trajectory that looks like a game’s flight, and provokes the dog to jump with a great deal of excitement in order to catch the game. This game brings a lot of emotion to both the owner and the dog, and it is also an excellent exercise for the pet.

The owner makes the dog move, and he remains in place. Learning frisbee: how to teach catch plates. For a start, the dog is taught to bring objects at the command "aport." Then the subject for an aport is replaced with a flying saucer.

And only after successfully mastering these two stages, the disk is launched into the air. Train your pet during the game. In order to cause excitement and tease the dog, the drive is tied and dragged along the ground on a rope.

For the same purpose, the plate is rubbed on the animal’s body or is played in front of the dog’s nose, not allowing the object to be gripped by the teeth. The key to learning is how to catch a dish in the air.

For a start, you can practice with your pet and teach him to catch on the fly delicacy. This task is usually all animals cope in a short period of time. Then you can proceed to the next stage of training and throw the plate to the dog.

If the pet grabs it on the fly, the owner will certainly praise and stroke the dog, not giving any treats so that it does not release the disc from the mouth. When a pet succeeds at this stage of training, it is accustomed to catching the plate in a jump.

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The disk is thrown higher, and if the dog jumps, it is praised. In general, the main task of the trainer is to actively and vigorously rejoice at the success of the pet and praise it. Gradually, the distance of the flight of the disk increases, bringing it to seven – eight meters.

Frisbee For Dogs - Plate, How To Choose, Training

Some pets achieve such skill that they predict the place of the landing of the plate and find themselves there before the flying object. If the dog is taught to make a high jump, use the owner’s back or leg. She climbs on these parts of the body and jumps from this height.

Errors during training

Some owners make unforgivable mistakes in teaching their pet to play Frisbee:

Frisbee For Dogs - Plate, How To Choose, Training
  • They show no strong interest in the disk and the process itself;
  • Do not praise or encourage the dog when it is successful;
  • They stop the activity when the pet wants to continue playing, or they force it to work when it has no desire.

Frisbee is a useful and gambling game that will give pleasure to the dog and the owner.

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