Format Sony Xperia Z2 Touchscreen

The phone has too many disadvantages, although on the other hand, I may have come across a not high-quality model:

1) The camera sucks and, importantly, NO ZOOMA, it was a big discovery for me.

2) The phone after the purchase spontaneously rebooted, after a few days, all reboots ended.

Format Sony Xperia Z2 Touchscreen

3) A very bad touchscreen, sometimes from the 10th time it does not work, especially in games.

4) Very often freezes, it was necessary to take out the battery more than a dozen times.

5) Many applications for this model are not supported by the phone or it simply does not pull.

In general, the phone does not cope with any of the tasks. Phone for those who have iron nerves and great patience.
I didn’t have the hassle bought a Sony Xperia Neo L MT25i

Video: Format Sony Xperia Z2 Touchscreen

The phone was very pleased, I wanted to take the SE Xperia Neo V, but was nowhere to be found, and they said that they were an outdated model, so I took his younger brother, who, by the way, is bigger. Neo L. The Sony Timescape interface is quite convenient, the device does not slow down, as it happens on androids. The screen is very clear, brightness and color reproduction are generally chic, the design is nice, not bright and not gray. The camera shoots well, video in HD, a photo of 5 megapixels with good autofocus (fill in laziness, google, who cares).

And now let’s move on to the main reason for my purchase of this device: Processor, graphics accelerator and RAM.
Yes, yes, the way they played on it. Installed so far max payne’a, NFS: Shift and Shadowgun. Everything runs fine, finding a cache is easy. andreno 205 GPU is very common, as well as armv7, which are on this model. Max Payne at high settings above 25 fps goes, I’m happy with this indicator. Now let’s move on to the cons, they are everywhere. The first thing I want to note is the main problem of all xperia models: Lack of sane amount of internal memory. Could make at least a gig. Second: the battery is perhaps the gravest problem of all modern smartphones. It is cut if played quickly in 7 hours completely. But this is as if all droids. Third: lack of built-in zoom. Yes, it’s not here, you need to look for a separate program that supports zoom in the camera, however, I already found it 🙂 Perhaps there are no more significant minuses.