Format Phone Htc M8

Format Phone Htc M8

Are you the owner of HTC One M7? Then, for sure, you will be interested in some useful tips that will help solve various problems, if any. HTC is a brand that is associated with powerful and functional devices, and a model like the One M7 is no exception. This smartphone is able to support GSM-communication, in addition, it works in LTE-networks, which belong to the fourth generation. This LCD-3 is equipped with a 4.7-inch screen, it is much brighter and more effective than the previous model of the One series. And if basically, other well-known manufacturers of such devices still determine the quality of the camera using megapixels, then HTC decided to switch to a higher level of measurement. ultra pixels. Four ultra-pixels of the One M7 model provide excellent image quality in contrast to the four or even eight megapixel cameras that the previous models of the Taiwanese manufacturer were equipped with. Also, new more advanced implementations include a powerful processor, two gigabytes of RAM and an interesting version of the appearance of HTC Sense 5.

Here are the main technical specifications that the new HTC One M7 smartphone can boast of:
– As noted above, this is 4G LTE, as well as GSM 3G HSDPA;
– LCD-3 display with a size of 4.7 inches;
– The internal memory is either thirty-two gigabytes, or sixty-four;
– RAM. two gigabytes;
– The smartphone is equipped with a Beats Audio sound system;
– The main camera has eight ultra-pixels with a resolution of 2688×1520, there is also autofocus, optical image stabilization, including an LED flash;
– There is also a fairly large camera sensor. 1/3 inch;
– There is also a front camera designed for video conferencing;
– What can we say about the presence of a video accelerator of the Adreno 320 GPU model, about the Krait-300 1.7 GHz processor. And the operating system Android 4.1.2 / 4.3 (Jelly Bean) itself, which can be updated to Android 4.4. (KitKat);
– HTC One M7 has a 2300 mAh lithium-ion battery.

How to restore the functionality and functionality of the HTC One M7 smartphone if it freezes or stops responding to touch, or turns off and on?

It should be noted that the device, having four nuclear processors, as well as quite voluminous RAM is able to work with absolutely any application, both downloaded and built-in. But from time to time, problems may arise due to the fact that the originally defined application was created for a different version of the Android OS and for other hardware specifications. Naturally, the program will most likely start, but HTC One M7 will freeze or simply turn off and will not respond to the power button. In this situation, perform a software reboot. If such an action did not produce any results, or the device turned on, but started working incorrectly again, you must proceed to a full reset or formatting.

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How to format HTC One M7 or perform a software restart?

Like the predecessors of this model, this equipment is characterized by a non-removable battery. Thus, pulling out the battery and restarting the smartphone will not work. So how do you deal with this problem? How to turn off a device that is hanging, and there is no reaction to touch? If the device freezes while working with a particular application, try holding the power button for a few seconds. The phone will have to reboot, so there will be no need to remove the battery. If HTC One M7 is partially frozen, in other words, navigation in the menu works, then try restarting it using the software method. This option is safer, because the smartphone will not lose data that was received while the application was running.

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The first option is a soft reset.

If the smartphone just crashed and the reboot didn’t help, but there is access to the menu, you need to use a soft reset. To do this, turn on your device, fully charge the battery. Then you should make sure that all the necessary data has been saved, because after the next steps they will be deleted. Next, go to the “Settings-Memory” menu, select the “Full reset” option. You need to confirm that you really want to delete data from the phone. As a result, HTC One M7 will launch an action such as formatting, after which you can use the device again.

The second option is reset, thanks to the power button.

In the situation when the smartphone screen does not respond to touch, respectively, the menu is not available to the user, only the following option remains. So, make sure your battery is fully charged. Do not forget about important data here. Reset is performed not only when turned off, but also when the equipment is turned on. Press two keys at the same time: volume down and power button, hold them until you see a menu on the screen. Using the volume key, select the “reset” option, then press the power button. One M7 from HTC should start formatting, after which the device should fully function.

How to reinstall or install “clean” Android on a HTC One M7 smartphone?

Whatever the application for the Android OS is good, over time it can clog, including damage the entire system, this leads to such a need as reinstallation. Do not worry, as you can do it without much difficulty. First, make sure that “clean” Android is present in the phone’s internal memory. In general, to return the device to its original form, make a reset to the factory settings, this can be done using the power button or software reset, after which the OS will automatically be installed in its original form. Just do not forget to save important information, because it will be deleted after a reset.

What should I do if you simply don’t remember the password, pin code, or pattern key installed on HTC One M7?

To solve this problem, you first need to try to answer queries, or enter a graphic picture at random until the phone is completely locked. Then the inscription “I forgot the code” should appear on your screen. Click on this inscription and hold, you will automatically be taken to a page where you will be prompted to enter a password, login from your Google account. In this way, all protective measures can be circumvented. If the transition to the Google page does not happen, then you can not do without a complete reset using the power key.

How to optimize the performance of HTC One M7, for faster operation?

We already know the fact that this smartphone is quite fast and powerful equipment, but some users claim that after a certain period of its operation, the phone starts to work more slowly. Why? Here it is all about applications that are loaded by the device with background tasks, the most interesting thing is that the owner of the phone does not even know about their existence. To find out exactly which applications make the smartphone run slower, then go to the Settings section, then to Applications, then you should check how much memory is used by this or that program. If after unnecessary applications have been removed, the phone still works, then do a full reset. But in no case do not forget to save all the data.

Is there a secret code to format HTC One M7?

Nothing when not. In order to return to the factory settings or perform a reset, you need the instructions that are given above.

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