Food Alabai Perfect Diet For Puppies And Adult Dogs

Alabai is a large, powerful and strong dog that needs rich, balanced food. It is important to provide your pet with the required amount of calories, without overfeeding it. In order for the animal to get all the necessary components, you need to cook the food yourself or choose high-quality industrial food. Proper diet guarantees good health and a long life of the dog.

Basic feeding rules

Alabai require high-calorie foods based on natural animal protein. Pet can not be fed only porridge or soup, in the diet should prevail meat and offal. Fermented milk products (low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir), boiled cereals, soaked oatmeal, eggs, rye or wheat bran, a small amount of unrefined vegetable oil can add to the menu.

Food Alabai Perfect Diet For Puppies And Adult Dogs

Alabai require high-calorie foods based on natural animal protein.

Buying meat, you should give preference to beef, veal, chicken, turkey. Puppies up to 3 months meat steamed, adult dogs are better to give raw, pre-frozen food. Offal is very useful, especially the scar and heart. Liver rich in vitamin A is given 1-2 times a week, but only in boiled form.

Reference. Choosing which porridge to feed alabaya, you should pay attention to buckwheat (dumplings and burnt), oats, pearl barley. Oatmeal is also suitable; you can not boil it, but just pour it with cold water.

To make a large dog easier to eat, bowls are placed on high stands. Free access should be clean water. Puppies have enough bowls; it is more convenient for adult dogs to drink from a bucket. To keep the water always fresh, it needs to be changed several times a day.

Puppy’s monthly diet

The question of how many times they feed alabay per day takes all the owners of growing puppies. At the age of 3 weeks, babies feeding on mother’s milk begin feeding with additional food. They are given cottage cheese, diluted with kefir or yogurt, as well as small portions of homemade ground beef, boiled over with boiling water.

How to feed a baby in 2 months

At 2 months the puppy gets food 4 times a day. In between feedings, the puppy gets a cocktail of warm milk with the addition of a spoon of honey and egg yolk. It is preferable to use goat milk, it is absorbed better than cow milk.

Food Alabai Perfect Diet For Puppies And Adult Dogs

A two-month-old puppy should be fed at least 200 grams of meat per day.

The remaining meals consist of:

  • Mix cottage cheese with nuts and fruit;
  • Soaked dry puppy food;
  • Lean meat or boneless sea fish;
  • Grated vegetables with the addition of vegetable oil;
  • Boiled cereals (buckwheat, pearl barley, rice).

A two-month-old puppy daily receives up to 200 g of meat, 100 g of cereals, 150 g of vegetables, 400 ml of milk. To stimulate the appetite, food is given at the same time, it should be warm, but not hot. After each meal, the baby should rest for at least an hour. At the age of 2-6 months, the musculoskeletal system of the dog is actively formed, the appearance of an adult animal depends on the nutrition during this period.

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Alabay puppy feeding scheme at 3 months

At 3 months, the diet is the same, but the amount of food increases. A puppy receives up to 300 g of meat or fish, 150 g of cereal, 450 g of milk, 170 g of vegetables. It is preferable to diversify the diet, including zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower, carrots. Beets and potatoes do not give puppies. The menu always includes cottage cheese (at least 100 g per day).

Diet at 4 and 5 months

At 4 months, Alabai must eat up to 400 g of meat, 200 g of cereal, the same amount of greens and vegetables, up to 500 g of dairy products. The number of feedings is reduced to 5. If the puppy is fed with dry food, you can give it unwetted.

Food Alabai Perfect Diet For Puppies And Adult Dogs

In 4-5 months, a puppy a day should be given about 450 grams of meat products, 250 g of cereals and vegetables.

Closer to 5 months alaby is fed 4 times a day, portions increase to 450 g of meat products, 250 g of cereals and vegetables. Puppy drinks up to 500 ml of milk. If the baby has diarrhea, you can replace whole milk with a low-fat fermented milk product.

Nutrition puppy alabay after six months

After 6 months you can transfer the puppy to three meals a day. This mode is maintained for another 3-4 months, but some dogs prefer to receive three meals a day and after they have a year old.

Alabai should eat 500 grams of meat, fish or offal per day, he is entitled to the same amount of fermented milk products, 300 grams of cereal and chopped vegetables. If the puppy is larger than the standard size, the portions can be increased.

Adult dog food

An adult Alabai receives food 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Sample diets may include:

  1. 700 g meat (beef, veal, horse meat), 100 g rye bran, 300 g raw vegetables, 20 g unrefined vegetable oil.
  2. 1.5 kg of offal (scar, lung, heart), 500 g of boiled cereal or soaked oatmeal, 200 g of rye flour, 1 egg, 20 g of vegetable oil.
Food Alabai Perfect Diet For Puppies And Adult Dogs

An adult dog needs a lot of meat (from 750 to 1500 grams), vegetables and cereals.

It is advisable to alternate the proposed menu. Once a week, home-made cottage cheese (1 kg), kefir (1 l) and 400 g of raw or boiled vegetables are given to alabai. In summertime, portions can be slightly reduced (in hot weather, the dog drinks a lot and may refuse food).

Important. In winter, the standard diet is increased by 10-15 percent, this is especially important for alabai living in aviaries.

Natural food

Many owners prefer to feed their pets with natural food. In this case, food is prepared daily or for 2 days. You can cook the cereal for a week and mix it in the right proportion with minced meat or fish. Adding vegetables to food, they are cut into slices of medium size. It is not necessary to offer the dog pureed or too finely chopped food.

When deciding how to feed the alabya ​​correctly, one should not forget about the dog’s favorite treat – bones. Brain beef bone will be an excellent mineral addition to the diet. Chicken necks are also useful, but sharp bird or fish bones can injure a dog’s stomach.

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Harmful and Prohibited Products

Alabai is almost omnivorous, dogs of this breed do not differ whims. However, some products are not recommended for pets, they can cause indigestion, problems with wool (dandruff or hair loss) and other unpleasant consequences.

Food Alabai Perfect Diet For Puppies And Adult Dogs

In the porridge for alabay you can not add cleaning and scraps from the table, as well as chicken bones and legumes.

In the stop list fall:

  • Smoked meats, pickles, meat delicacies;
  • Chocolate and other industrial sweets;
  • Lamb and pork;
  • Raw cereals (except oatmeal);
  • Whole milk;
  • Peas and other legumes.

Food prepared for a dog should not be too salty. Natural sodium is found in raw and cooked vegetables, an excess of salt adversely affects the joints alabay. An animal is not given excessively hot or cold food that can cause a burn of the mouth or gastric spasm.

Not recommended and food from the table owner. In dishes cooked for dogs, do not add stubs, leftovers and poor-quality products, they can provoke severe poisoning.

Nutrition of older animals

Like other large dogs, alabai quickly grow old. By the age of 7, their activity decreases, the dog sleeps more, becomes capricious and requires special attention from the owner.

The diet of older alabayev should be less calorie.

Some pets can become choosy in food, a decrease in physical activity causes obesity and joint problems.

The diet of older alabayev should be less calorie. After 7-8 years the amount of meat and offal is gradually decreasing. A good substitute will be low-fat cottage cheese and eggs, providing the animal with essential protein. An additional portion of boiled and raw vegetables with a small amount of vegetable oil will help prevent constipation.

If the dog eats ready-made industrial food, you need to purchase special rations for older pets of large breeds. It is advisable to choose a pet food brand favorite, a sharp change of diet can provoke indigestion.

Mineral supplements: do they need

Natural nutrition is supplemented with mineral and vitamin supplements purchased at the pharmacy. The complexes are chosen depending on the age, physical fitness and activity of the dog. There are balanced compositions for puppies, pregnant and lactating females, animals with digestive problems and joints.

Attention. If Alabai feeds on a balanced industrial feed, additional feedings are not needed.

It is important to observe the balance of phosphorus and calcium. An excess of phosphorus-containing elements contributes to the leaching of calcium from the bones, which is fraught with injuries and deformations of the skeleton. Canina WELPENKALK, which improves the condition of bones and teeth, is recommended for puppies and growing dogs.

Food Alabai Perfect Diet For Puppies And Adult Dogs

Canina WELPENKALK is an excellent supplement for growing puppies alabai.

Adult pets need complexes for very large dogs, ensuring normal development and digestion. Excel Brewers Yeast supplements containing vitamins of group B, fish oil with omega-6 fatty acids, extracts from garlic rich in natural antioxidants, and also brewer’s yeast to prevent skin diseases are popular.

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To improve the condition of the wool, fat-soluble vitamins are suitable, for example, Tetravit in the form of drops. The drug is added to food, every 2 weeks of admission is required a two-week break.

Ready industrial feed

The question is, what better to feed alabay, takes those who prefer ready-made purchase rations. Breeders recommend combining dry and wet food.

Alabaev can be fed according to the combined scheme, giving in one feeding dry food, and in the other freshly prepared food from natural products. If this option is not possible, in the evening feeding the dog is given canned soft food, which has a particularly attractive taste.

Food Alabai Perfect Diet For Puppies And Adult Dogs

Many owners feed their Central Asian Shepherd dogs with ready-made dry food.

The daily rate of feed is indicated on the packaging, it depends on the age, weight, characteristics of the body of the animal. If the dog recovered, the rate can be reduced or use special diets designed for obese animals.

Choosing which feed to feed alabaya, you should pay attention to the most popular brands of high price category:

For puppies and adult dogs suitable dry food marked GIANT (for giants).

  • Royal Canin is a French brand of super premium category that produces balanced dry and wet rations, as well as delicacies and mineral supplements. For Alabaev suitable feed from the line Maxi, designed for large dogs. It has rations for puppies, young and old animals, dogs that are especially active in life or spend most of their time in the aviary. There is a veterinary line for pets with problems of digestion, joints, urogenital or cardiovascular system. The food is hypoallergenic, well tolerated by animals. Sold in bags of 4 and 14 kg, it is possible to purchase pellets by weight. Dry foods contain high-grade animal protein, dietary fiber, cartilage hydrolysates, taurine, vitamins and other useful supplements.
  • Brit is a Czech super premium brand.. For the Alabaev, the Large line, which includes balanced dry food for puppies, adolescents, and sublimated chicken or lamb meat, vegetable fiber, minerals, brewer’s yeast, extracts from herbs and fruits, and vitamin complexes, is suitable. There is a treatment line for animals with digestive or joint problems, as well as grainless hypoallergenic diets. The assortment has canned food and useful delicacies suitable for dog training.
  • Hills is a popular superpremium feed. Alabay can offer the Large Breed range, which includes puppy food, active adults and older dogs. Options are based on chicken with turkey or lamb with rice. The composition is enriched with dried fruits and vegetables, omega-6 fatty acids, cartilage extract, sodium, phosphorus, taurine and vitamins.
  • Alabai – spectacular large dogs that require a balanced and sufficiently high-calorie diet. Properly formulated diet will help maintain good health until the age of the animal.

    We offer to watch a video in which experts tell about all the nuances of feeding the Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai).

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