Fn Doesn’t Work On Lenovo Laptop

Good day!

Oh, these modern keyboards, which now what manufacturers are just not doing. And the problem with the operability of the keys of even a new device is not a rare one.

Actually, today’s article will be about working and setting up function keys F1 ÷ F12 and Fn on laptops. The fact is that often they either do not work at all, or they do not work as they should.

over, many manufacturers "city" the shape of the keys, their functions, on / off, customization as they like (no standardization).

Meanwhile, the Fn, F1, F2, F3, etc. keys are very important, they allow you to quickly turn on / off the brightness and sound, turn on / off the Wi-Fi network, touchpad, and much more.

In general, to refuse them is to deprive yourself of the necessary functionality, which is not good.

Reasons for failure Fn and F1 ÷ F12

Remind you , that in most cases, so that the function keys can perform an alternative function (reduce the same brightness), you must press them simultaneously with the key Fn.

For example, in order to turn Wi-Fi on / off, you need to press the FnF2 combination (this is an example! Each laptop has its own combinations, see carefully the pictures on the keys).

Fn Doesn't Work On Lenovo Laptop

Press FnF2 at the same time. Turns Wi-Fi on / off as an example!

1) Is Fn turned on? Is there an alternative button on the keyboard?

Some types of keyboards have additional buttons. F lock or F mode. They allow you to lock (disable) function keys. Take a closer look. do you have them?

Fn Doesn't Work On Lenovo Laptop

F Lock key (most often found on a classic keyboard, not on laptops)

I also note that to use the Fn button, on some laptops you need to press a combination of buttons Fnec (see screen below. a small lock should be drawn on the key). By the way, instead Fnec. a combination may be used Fnnumlock.

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Fn Doesn't Work On Lenovo Laptop

FnEsc. change the operating mode Fn

2) BIOS Settings (Hotkey Mode and Analogs)


If you do not know what the BIOS is and how to enter it, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this note.

In some laptops (for example, Dell Inspiron, Lenovo ThinkPad, etc.), you can set the operating mode of the function keys in the BIOS (i.e., they can play a classic role, or they can immediately perform their second function without pressing Fn: reduce sound , turn on / off the touchpad, etc.).

Most often, to enter the BIOS. you need to restart the laptop, and when you turn it on (before loading the Windows OS), immediately press the keys F2 or Delete (the buttons may be great, depending on the model of the device).

Such modes are called: Hotkey Mode, Action Keys Mode (and other derivatives). To change their operating mode, you need to go to the BIOS Configuration section and change the mode from Enabled to Disabled (or vice versa).

Fn Doesn't Work On Lenovo Laptop

Hotkey Mode. modified key operation mode F1-F12

3) Lack of drivers and special software from the manufacturer

When drivers are installed automatically with Windows, or various kits / packs are used (for example, Driver Pack Solution), the system often does not have special software from the laptop manufacturer. As a result, some keys may not work (including function keys).

I will consider the example of updating such drivers below using the example of ASUS (if your laptop brand is excellent, say HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo. all actions will be similar, only the official website address will be excellent).


  1. Go to the official website: https://www.asus.com/en/support/
  2. Enter your laptop model and click the search button (as an aid: how to find out a laptop model);

Fn Doesn't Work On Lenovo Laptop

Product Database Search

Next, indicate your version of Windows (help: how to find out what Windows OS I have) and download the drivers for Chipset, ATKPackage. Also go to the Utilities section and click on the link "show all".

Fn Doesn't Work On Lenovo Laptop

Download the necessary drivers

Then install the Asus Smart Gesture from the Pointed Device section. After rebooting the laptop. the keys should work.

Fn Doesn't Work On Lenovo Laptop

In general, to summarize: you just need to update the driver by downloading them from the website of the manufacturer of your laptop. over, you need to do this for the particular version of Windows that you are currently using.

If there are no drivers for your version of Windows on the site of the manufacturer of the laptop, then this is a serious reason to think about switching to another version of the OS (it is quite possible that some of the functionality, including function keys, does not work because of this).


Perhaps someone will come in handy an article on how to install drivers on a laptop or PC (various options are considered).

4) The problem with the keyboard itself

If you drop or pour liquid on your laptop, it is quite possible that the key does not work due to a physical malfunction of the keyboard.

Pay attention to whether the key reacts at least occasionally (maybe try to press it a little harder). If there is a problem with the tracks under the key, then often a stronger press is triggered (for example, the tracks may oxidize after being filled, or behave as a result of wear).

What can be done:

  1. replace the keyboard on the laptop with a new one (I recommend passing it to the service for diagnostics, because it will not be superfluous to check if there are any problems with something else);
  2. connect an external keyboard to the USB port and use it (what is not a temporary option?);
  3. reassign one key to another;
  4. use the onscreen keyboard. To call it, go to: Control Panel \ Accessibility \ Accessibility Center

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