Flash Does Not Work On Sony Camera

Below we publish the material: Failures of Sony cameras, cause and methods of troubleshooting according to the operating instructions for the camera, which users often lose.

We specifically excluded from the material "dumb", in our opinion, points, for example: Fault. The indicator in the camera does not show battery charging. Cause. The charger plug is not connected to an AC outlet. Remedy plug the charger into a power outlet, etc.

We also completed the translation of the instruction in the appropriate manner.

In our workshop you can check battery performance for free of your camera and, if possible, restore functionality. Get expert advice and, if necessary, hand over the camera for repair

If you doubt that your camera is defective, the easiest way to check. reset all settings in the menu of your camera. In this case, all the settings of your camera will be set to factory settings. Set option "auto" and check the performance of your camera in normal lighting conditions.

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Sony camera malfunctions, solutions according to the operating instructions.

Flash Does Not Work On Sony Camera