Fitness Bracelet Honor Band 4 How to Connect

“Honor Band 4 instructions in Russian”. such requests have long ceased to be something unusual for 2020, since not all users manage to understand the features of the operation and use of the mentioned device. Fortunately, setting up the gadget is not difficult; the main thing is to be patient.

How to check Honor Band for originality?

How to set up Honor band 4. instructions in English

Having convinced of the originality of the fitness bracelet, you can proceed to the setting. To do this, prepare your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth, and read the instructions below. He will help those who need clear and accurate recommendations in Russian.

Fitness Bracelet Honor Band 4 How to Connect

Which application to download?

Switch language

Russification of a fitness bracelet occurs automatically after pairing with a smartphone, therefore, to change the language, you need:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Connect to the phone.
  3. Wait for language change.
  4. Use the Honor Band 4 bracelet for its intended purpose.

In case of difficulties, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer through the official website.

Time and Date Setting

Usually, users do not have to set the time and date, since this happens automatically, but if you encounter difficulties, you should pay attention to the functions and make sure the smartphone works correctly, since such difficulties are not typical for smart devices.

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Fitness Bracelet Honor Band 4 How to Connect

Video: Fitness Bracelet Honor Band 4 How to Connect

Setting up Honor Band 4 notifications

To configure receiving notifications, you need to open the Huawei Health menu and go to the section of the same name. Here you should move the sliders to the “on” position opposite all the programs and services that you want to activate. Disabling notification occurs by moving the slider to the “off” position.

Adding a watch face

The appearance of the display is selected by the user independently. Gadget owners are invited to install one of four different versions of the screen, including a dial. Each option contains its own set of information displayed by the device on the screen.

Weather setting

To obtain accurate weather information, several conditions must be observed:

  • the clock must connect to the mentioned application;
  • the correct definition of the user’s geolocation is important;
  • In addition, it is necessary to add a function to the number of exceptions when optimizing battery performance (done in the settings of Honor Band 4).

Camera control

To control the user’s camera, it is recommended to carefully read the device overview and take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will avoid errors and use the smart gadget as efficiently as possible without overloading it with additional functions not provided for by the basic operating parameters.

Fitness Bracelet Honor Band 4 How to Connect

Heart rate measurement

To indicate the required heart rate, you will have to:

  1. Open the “settings” menu.
  2. Find a suitable item.
  3. Enter the desired number.
  4. Save selected changes.

As a result, the bracelet will notify the owner of unacceptable changes (a significant increase or decrease) in the heart rate, which is especially true during training and when performing exercises.

Use temperature

The operating temperature of the gadget allows you not to worry about possible inconveniences. The device does not heat up during operation and can be used in both hot and cold weather. At the same time, Amoled technology will help users to see the message on the screen even in bright sunlight.

If you have any questions or have complaints, let us know

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