Find Instagram By Phone Number Online

Instagram is a popular social network where you can take photos and videos with instant processing, share photos with friends, view a friend’s feed and keep abreast of events.

To use Instagram, the program must be downloaded to your phone and registered. In Instagram you can find interesting information, various recipes, books, information about sports, as well as search for people using search.

In order to be aware of what events are happening in the lives of friends, stars or just interesting people, you need to find their active profiles on the network. There are two ways to search on Instagram:

  • Through the mobile application in the phone by Search and through “Contacts”;
  • Via the web version on the computer.

Search instagram by phone number via “Contacts”

The application has the ability to search for people from the contact list of your notebook in the phone.

The search will take place among those contacts who have instagram

  • You need to go into your profile and select the settings (in the upper right corner);
  • Click on the “man with” icon is “Interesting people” (Here you will have the opportunity to choose the people you follow on Facebook (Facebook), as well as “Contacts” from the phone;
    Find Instagram By Phone Number Online
  • Go to “Contacts”, here you’ll be prompted to connect contacts, connect, allowing access to our phone book. Contacts will be periodically synchronized when new numbers are added to the phone;

Attention! First, you need to give access to connect Instagram to the phones in your book through the phone settings (if access is denied for the application).

  • Now, when you go to the search for “Interesting People”, and later in “Contacts”, you can see everyone who has the application installed from the list of people you recorded in the phone book.

Find a person on the phone using regular Search

Every day the number of users of the Instagram social network is growing, at the moment there are about 1 billion registered accounts. In order to find the account you are interested in, you need to ask a query in the search engine and add the right person to your friends by subscribing to his active profile.

When registering on Instagram, a new user is assigned a name that you must choose yourself.

To search for a person on Instagram, you need to download the application on your phone. After the download is completed, the next step is to launch the application and log in to your account, if you already have one, or create a new account for a new user.

In the mobile application Instagram there is a field through which you can search for the right person.

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The search section looks like a line with a magnifying glass and is divided into 4 sections:

  • The best;
  • People;
  • Tags
  • Places.

To facilitate the search, enter the name or Nickname or surname of the person you need in the line, and by clicking the “Find” button, people will be selected according to the specified search.

To make sure that the page of the right person is found correctly, you can go to his active profile.

We are looking for a person on Instagram through a computer

The social network Instagram, like all other social networks, has not only the form of a mobile application, but also a web version, which can be used through a computer.

To view accounts, you can not register on Instagram.

Uploading personal photos and videos will become unavailable, and it will remain possible to leave comments, like and look for other users.

To search for a person through a computer, you need to go to the official site of social network Instagram. A search request appears in the form of a page address.

In the example, searching for a person on Instagram through a computer looks like this:, where the account is the name of the person you want to find. After entering the user name, you must press the “Enter” button and a list of found profiles with the given name in the search engine will appear.

To make sure that the right user is found, you need to go to his active profile.

How to find out the phone number on Instagram

Active users of the Instagram social network often wonder if it is possible to find Instagram by phone number.

At the moment, such a search cannot be carried out.

Search on Instagram is carried out in two ways:

Such a search is possible only if the user specified a phone number as his name.

Previously, the Instagram audience was users of Apple gadgets, but with the advent of the version for Android, the number of users of the social network has increased tens of thousands of times.

Instagram is very different from all other social networks. Here you can not only take photos and beautifully with various filters do the processing and shoot videos, but also search for users by interests, involve new people in their own business.


Using Instagram is very simple. The profile’s home page displays personal and friend posts. Here you can scroll through the feed, like and leave comments.

For a day, the number of posts of all Instagram users is very large, so in your personal profile in the “Star” tab you can see the most popular posts.

You can add photos and videos to your page. Photos can be cropped, apply various filters, brighten or darken. You can add a comment, a hashtag to the photo and indicate the place where, for example, the photo was taken.

On the likes page, you can see all the likes from users who are in the subscriptions, as well as the likes and comments that subscribers put to other users.

In the icon with a triangle is a personal profile that contains all personal information, the number of subscribers, subscriptions and publications. Here is a quick overview of using the popular Instagram.