Feature Find iPhone 5

The new convenient “Locator” application combines the features of the “Find iPhone” and “Find Friends” applications. It is available on iOS, iPadOS, and now on macOS. Latitude helps you locate your devices, as well as find family members and friends on a map. With it, you can now detect even those devices that are not connected to the Internet.

Devices are easy to find.

You take devices with you everywhere, which means you can forget them anywhere. But your separation will be short-lived. The locator will help you find not only the iPhone, but also the iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch or AirPods.

Feature Find iPhone 5

All devices
visible on the map.

Don’t remember whether your iPad is at home or at work? Take a look at the map: you will see all your devices and understand what and where you forgot. Some devices may mark their location on the map with an almost exhausted battery. so you can still find them.

device by sound.

To make it easier to detect a lost device, you can play a loud sound signal on it using Latitude. And for AirPods, we developed a special signal that is clearly audible in the room and even beyond.

Turn on

If you can’t find your device, put it into loss mode to immediately block and track the location. In addition, you can make a message with a number by which you can be contacted appear on the device’s lock screen. The person who finds this device will be able to call you, but will not get access to the data stored on it.

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All data
easy to erase.

Afraid the device might fall into bad hands? You can remotely erase personal data from it and return the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple Watch to the factory settings. And if there is a loss, you can restore everything from an iCloud backup.

Feature Find iPhone 5

Video: Feature Find iPhone 5

Automatic blocking.

The “Activation Lock” function will block access to your device for strangers and will prevent it from being resold. Once you activate Latitude, no one will be able to erase data from your device or activate it without your Apple ID and password.

Find your devices.
Even if they are offline.

Latitude helps you find a lost device, even if it is in sleep mode and not connected to the network. To do this, the application sends Bluetooth signals that can be received by Apple devices in the vicinity. They transmit device location data to iCloud so you can see it in the Latitude app. All data is transmitted anonymously and is protected by end-to-end encryption, so that no one, even Apple, will be able to identify the devices that provide the information.

Functions to restore access to lost devices.

iPhone, iPad,
iPod touch, Apple Watch

  • View Location
  • Play sound
  • Loss mode
  • Remote wipe data
  • Activation lock
  • View Location
  • Play sound
  • Activation lock
  • Remote wipe data


  • View Location
  • Play sound

Do not lose

loved ones out of sight.

Invite friends and family to share your location. It’s more convenient to communicate and easier to find each other in crowded places. It’s also so much easier to verify that your loved ones have safely arrived at home.

Family and friends on your map.

Share your geo position with family and friends to be even closer to each other. This will simplify communication and help you stay connected. You can share your geo-position for an hour, for a whole day, or forever, until you change your mind.


You can set up notifications that your friends or relatives have arrived somewhere or, conversely, have left — this will make it easier for you to find each other. At the same time, the right to privacy will not be violated. if you set up such a notification, your friends will know about it. Parental controls also let you set up notifications so that you know when your child leaves school and when he gets home.

Your geo-location is protected.

Like all Apple products, the Locator application reliably protects your personal data. Apple receives information about the location of the device only if you yourself requested its geolocation, turned on the Lost mode, or the “Last location” function. This data is stored on Apple servers for no more than 24 hours and is always encrypted. And when Latitude is used to detect a device that is not connected to the network, the information of all parties involved in the search is subjected to end-to-end encryption. Therefore, no one, including Apple, knows where the devices that provide the necessary information for geolocation are located and to whom they belong.

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